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        Service Hotline: 0757-85639896

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        Guangdong Foshan Yuhai Screw Machinery Co., Ltd

        Specializing in the production of screw machine equipment, the main products of the company's screw machine: multi position cold heading machine, opening and closing die opener, high-speed opener, high-speed thread rolling machine, edge cutting machine, tailhole machine, nail pulling machine, tooth rolling machine, wire drawing machine.

        The products of multi position cold heading machine include two mode three punching cold heading machine, two die four punching cold upsetting machine, three die three stroke cold heading machine, four die four stroke cold heading machine.

        The products of one model two punching head machine include multi-functional opening and closing die two times forming machine, furniture screw head machine, super deep hole punch machine, high-speed head machine, high-speed tail hole head machine and high difficulty header. The products include high-speed rolling machine, automatic rolling machine, automatic straightening and cutting rolling machine, hand-held rolling machine, non-standard rolling machine, hopper blanking rolling machine, vibrating plate blanking rolling machine, high-speed vertical automatic rod material rolling machine. Nail pulling machine products include aluminum nail pulling machine, aluminum nail combination machine and nail making machine. The products of rolling machine include two rolling machine and three rolling machine. Wire drawing machine products include wire drawing machine, tip press, peeling machine, touch welder.

        Concurrently engaged in products: straightening and cutting machine, buckle making machine, chain making machine, polishing roller machine, degreasing machine, mould milling machine, stainless steel heater, vibration blanking plate, screw mould, machine accessories, etc.

        The company has experience in R &amp; D technology, widely absorbs advanced technology from Taiwan, Japan, Germany, etc., deeply combines the processing needs of modern screw industry, and continuously improves and improves; adopts the latest processing technology, accurate assembly and debugging technology, strict quality inspection, product quality is excellent, performance is stable, provides excellent services to customers, and wins unanimous praise in the industry.

        The company has continuously launched all kinds of mechanical products for processing screw parts, axle parts, sleeve hole parts. Warmly welcome new and old friends to call and cooperate! Thank you.

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        Guangdong Foshan Yuhai Screw Machinery Co., Ltd
        Address:Shi Nansha Er Cun, Shishan town, Nanhai District, Foshan City
        Tel:0757-85639896/18927274645 ZHANGSHENG

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