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        Service Hotline: 0757-85639896

        ABOUT US

        Company Culture
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        company behavior concept:unite advance bravely、sincere keep promises

        The company believes that having a united and enterprising team is the foundation of our enterprise's success and the soul of our enterprise's sustainable operation. In the face of market economy, if we don't advance, we will retreat, if we don't advance, we will be in danger; if we treat people sincerely, if we are sincere to our career, if we are sincere to our customers, if we are sincere to return to the society, our commitment is the basis of our respect and the key internal cause of our enterprise's growth and strength.
        company business philosophy:achievement customer,create value example

        Achievement customer,creating value is the source of our enterprise growth.
        Achievement customer,We are committed to customer satisfaction and success, guided by customer values, evaluated by customer satisfaction, aiming at the best in the industry, based on reality, and tirelessly pursuing. Through the realization of customer interests, we can reasonably decompose customers and enterprises in the interest chain, get what they have, and realize their own interests bit by bit, becoming a model in the industry.
        company quality policy:The quality first, the prestige is supreme
        Quality is no different from the life of an enterprise. Reputation is the spiritual character of an enterprise. The two are closely related. Without excellent product quality, a good reputation of an enterprise cannot be established. Enterprises can not stand in the fierce competition. Only by ensuring quality and cherishing reputation can enterprises survive and develop steadily in the tide of market economy.

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        Guangdong Foshan Yuhai Screw Machinery Co., Ltd
        Address:Shi Nansha Er Cun, Shishan town, Nanhai District, Foshan City
        Tel:0757-85639896/18927274645 ZHANGSHENG

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