Best 5+ Retractable Banner template Free PSD

Retractable Banner Template Free

Retractable banners are the best way to advertise your business or products. Apart from being eye catchy, these banners are easy to move. You can place them wherever you want without any hurdle. These banners are searched by a lot of people. If you are one of them and want to create your own banner using the template then you are at right place. I am sharing here the best Retractable Banner Template. You can download this template in any of your device. These banner templates are designed by experts so you can rely on these layouts.

What must be included in Retractable banner template?

The retractable banner comes with various features. It must include some of the basic sections including:

A simple message you are trying to convey to the reader

Bold and readable font

Large texts, so it is easily understandable

Banner placement

Graphics and photos etc

33x80 Retractable Banner Template
33×80 Retractable Banner Template

Retractable Banner Template

Details of Retractable Banners

Retractable Banners – comes in similar Sizes and Specs

Standard Banner size: 33.5″x80″ – 48″x79″

Suggested minimum margins from edge to text:

Left / Right: 2 inches

Bottom: 3 to 4 inches

Top: 2.5 to 3.5 inches

Retractable Banner Template
Retractable Banner Template


Retractable Banner Template PSD

Position of the main title: It must be 66 inches from bottom

For Images Only: A resolution of 150dpi is considered good for the banners. Please copy the image from the website and enlarge it according to the need.

The enlarged images may lose the quality so you must take certain precautions. When you stretch the small image, you must make sure that you are filling the additional area. You can sue enlargement tool as it is bets for filling the blank area. High quality software such as Photoshop suits the requirement of the users and provides best results.

Shrinking Images: If the images are large sized of about 300dpi or more than you might need to degrade the image to 150-180dpi.

Retractable Banner Template PSD
Retractable Banner Template PSD


Retractable Banner Template Free

Logo and Images that Reads the Name of Your Company: If you want to make a logo for your company then you can create it by following the simple steps.

Create the background images in 150dpi without any hurdle.

File > Place > Select the file to import

You should make sure that you have created a logo in higher resolution including the size 300-450dpi.

Rasterized Images: Rasterizing the images are important procedure in creating banners. If the file is 300-450dpi then you need smooth conversion vectors fonts with minimal pixilation. When your design will be ready, and if you change the resolution to 150 dpi then you will still get good results. But if you rasterize at 150dpi in beginning then the result will be unsatisfactory.

For Text Only: Vector editing software will be helpful if you need text only banner. If you have access to just image design software then you can set the resolution to 300dpi or more for the sharpness.

Color Space to work in- USE CMYK instead of RGB. Colors look different from that in the monitor if you use RGB. But if you are using CMYK then the colors appearing on your screen will be colors you will get in print. RGB has some of the intensities that can’t be attained during printing. If you can’t transform from RGB to CMYK then do not worry I will help you. In Photoshop, you will need to make some changes and here are the details.

Retractable Banner Template Free
Retractable Banner Template Free


Retractable Banner Design

Transformation from RGB into CMYK:

In Photoshop: to your Image Menu

Image > Mode > CMYK

When selecting a new file select CMYK for the mode menu before clicking OK

In InDesign: Explore Window > Swatches > Color

Double click on the color bar that you want to modify in the Swatches. Change the color mode to CMYK and also color type to Process. InDesign allows both CMYK and RGB in the file. View the printing colors in CMYK. Select

View > Proof Colors

Retractable Banner Design
Retractable Banner Design


What are the advantages of a Retractable banner?

A retractable banner comes with many advantages. Some of them are listed below:

  • It is bets for Marketing your company’s services, brand and products with an ease.
  • Attract attention of the customers when you have a special promotion or a sale
  • You can carry, roll, and open it without any hurdle, it is worth the use
  • It is very economical best solution to many other displays.


The retractable banners are very useful in many ways. If you want to create these banners then use the layout of thee banners we are providing to you. Download the best Retractable banner template and grow your business.