21 Day Fix Extreme Calendar

21 Day Fix Extreme Calendar Printable

Get the 21 day fix extreme calendar for your daily workout plan. This calendar is perfect for people who want to attain the fitness in few days. The exercises are listed in the calendar with all the plans. You can follow this easy calendar and get the fit body in just 21 days. This is popular exercising plan which is not available eon every site. The exercising session plays a vital role in attaining the perfect body shape. And if you skip any of the exercise or performing the incorrect ones then you will not get the fitness.

It is quite difficult for many people to follow the long term sessions. But the small term ones like the 21 day can be easy for all of them. Imagine if are working hard on getting the fit body but performing the wrong exercise pattern daily then you will not be able to attains your goal.

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What Is the 21 Day Fix?

Beach body has developed a wonderful weight loss program known as 21 day fix extreme. It offers popular exercise guides various nutrition programs and weight loss. The 21 day fix is popular among the fitness seekers. The company has shown thousands of testimonials and impressive before-after images which have developed a trust among the users. This program is said to be faster than other fitness programs. You can lose up to 15 pounds in three weeks.

21 day fix extreme workout calendar
21 day fix extreme workout calendar

This program involves position controlled meal and a workout guide which includes the following:

  • Two workout DVDs with six workouts (“easy-to-follow”) designed to “maximize fat loss.”
  • A 21-day portion control system you get with seven color-coded containers.
  • 21 Day Fix “Start here” guide.
  • 24/7 online support
  • 21 Day Fix eating plan.
  • A “3-Day Quick-Fix” guide which you must use during the last three days of program for “mind-blowing ‘after’ pictures.”

The company also offers bonus workout DVDs. For this, you will need to order through the official website.

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How to Follow 21 day Fix Extreme Schedule?

There is a simple guide for those who what to join the 21 Day Fix.

After you get the 21 day fix guide, workout DVD and Portion controlled container, you must follow the steps mentioned in quick guide.

  1. Follow Your Workouts

You will get two DVDs including six 30-minute workouts.

  • Upper Fix: It is a resistance training targeted for upper body (Back, Chest, Arms, Shoulders and abs)
  • Lower Fix: A workout designed to tone and firm your lower body while you burn calories and blast fat.
  • Total Body Cardio Fix: It is a full body cardio exercise done with weights to burn calories and increase heart rate.
  • Cardio Fix: A second cardiovascular workout without weights.
  • Pilates Fix: A Pilates-based workout that firm the thighs and strengthen the abdominals.
  • Yoga Fix: This is a yoga-based workout used to improve balance and flexibility.

The dieters must follow the 21 day fix calendar for every week per month.

21 day fix extreme schedule
21 day fix extreme schedule
  1. Find Your Container Plan

Before heading to the meal program, you must calculate your own calories need. The dieters will get the chart with the calories consumption value.

In the beginning, you will get a mathematical equation to estimate the calories need of the body. Here is the equitation listed here.

Multiply your weight (pounds) by 11. The number will, represent the BMR or calorie baseline.

Add 400 to your calories baseline. It is the necessary number of calories you must intake to maintain your weight. Subtract 750 from your calories need and the number is the targeted calorie you should eat to weight loses. The resulting calories will be show the right plan for you. It means you will get to know how much services of the color coded containers you must intake per day.

In the starter guide, a mathematical equation is provided to estimate overall calorie needs.

Each container is a meant to be used for a specific food group:

  • Green container (one cup): Vegetables
  • Yellow container (1/2 cup): Carbs
  • Blue container (1/3 cup): Healthy fats
  • Purple container (one cup): Fruit
  • Red container (3/4 cup): Protein sources
  • Orange container (two tablespoons): Seeds and dressings

Dieters must take two to six teaspoons of nut butter and oils, depending on their target calorie range.

Four “Container Plans” with different calorie target ranges are given below:

Plan A: 1,200–1,499 calories

The Plan B: 1,500–1,799 calories

Plan C: 1,800–2,099 calories

Plan D: 2,100–2,300 calories

21 Day Fix Extreme Calendar

The exercise session is necessary part of every fitness lover. The hierarchy of performing exercises is a necessary part of it. Most of the people get to know about some exercise and start performing them. They do not take notice of the time and exercising pattern. It doesn’t make any effect on their body. They also face many problems due to wrong exercising pattern. So it is better to follow a planned calendar for exercising which can give you the accurate details of session.

You do not need any of the excreting skill or the machines to perform these simple exercises. So start using these calendars and make a difference in your fitness. Now stop worrying about the fitness whine you can get it by just simple exercises.  Here are the calendars in different patterns.

21 Day Fix Extreme Calendar
21 Day Fix Extreme Calendar

Printable 21 Day Fix Extreme Calendar

These calendars will provide you proper diet plan and exercise schedule. People follow this calendar to get the perfect body shape. Nowadays people are very careful about their fitness. And if they get simple exercises plan for perfect body then how could they lose this chance.

Printable 21 day Fix Extreme Calendar
Printable 21 day Fix Extreme Calendar


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Exercise helps people in getting the fitness they are wondering from many years. But in this busy life it is not possible to visit gym and perform the exercises. This is really an important task which everyone must perform. Many exercising schedules are generated every month for people to attain their goal. But it is important to get the accurate calendar which will give you complete details. This is the best thing you can do every day. Here in this article we have shared 21 day fix extreme calendar with HD quality images for our visitors. You can get more calendars of exercises and schools on this site.