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5 year plan Template Arranging assumes a significant job in the smooth working of an economy. In 1950, the Government set up the Planning Commission to make, create, and execute India’s five-year plans. In the article, we will take a gander at every multiyear plan of India and how it accomplishes the essential goals of development, work, confidence, and furthermore social equity. Further, it likewise considers the new requirements and potential outcomes to make the vital directional changes and accentuation.

5 year plan Template

The Approach to every Five Year Plan of India

Here is a fast diagram of India’s Five Year Plans:

Initial Five Year Plan of India (1951-56)

On December 8, 1951, the Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru exhibited the initial five-year plan to the Parliament of India. This depended on the Harrod-Domar model. Around then, India was confronting three issues – the deluge of displaced people, a serious lack of nourishment, and furthermore mounting expansion

India needed to recoup from the segment and the disequilibrium in the economy because of the Second World War. The First Plan, in this manner, had the targets of restoring exiles, farming improvement, and independence in sustenance alongside controlling swelling.

Second Five Year Plan of India (1956-61)

The focal point of the Second Pan was quick industrialization, particularly the advancement of overwhelming enterprises and capital merchandise, similar to press, steel, synthetics, and so forth and the machine building ventures. Educator Mahalanobis built up the arrangement.

Third Five Year Plan of India (1961-66)

The essential objective of the Third Plan was to build up India as an independent and a self-creating economy. Nonetheless, the Second Plan had moderated the rate of development of farming generation in the nation which constrained India’s financial advancement.

In this manner, the Third Plan included farming advancement as one of its targets to accomplish adjusted, local improvement. Shockingly, this period had numerous disasters which depleted the assets – Indo-China war in 1961-62, Indo-Pak war in 1965-66, and furthermore an extreme dry spell drove starvation in 1965-66. Thusly, this arrangement couldn’t meet its destinations.

Three Annual Plans

From 1966-69, three Annual Plans were conceived. While the Fourth Plan was planned in 1966, it was relinquished under the weight of dry season, money debasement, and inflationary retreat on the economy. In this manner, the legislature settled on an Annual Plan in 1966-67 and the resulting two years. This is period is likewise called – Plan Holiday.

5 year plan Template
5 year plan Template

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Fourth Five Year Plan of India (1969-74)

There were two important targets of this arrangement – ‘Development with Stability’ and ‘Dynamic Achievement of Self-Reliance’. It went for a 5.5 percent normal development rate of the national salary and furthermore the arrangement of the national least for the more fragile segments of the general public (called ‘GaribiHatao’ or ‘Development with Justice’). In any case, another Indo-Pak war in 1971-72 made a monetary mash for the arrangement.


Fifth Five Year Plan of India (1974-79)

This arrangement had two fundamental targets – the expulsion of property and accomplishment of independence. This was arranged through the advancement of higher development rates, better pay conveyance, and furthermore a critical increment in the household rate of sparing.

It likewise centered on import substitution and fare advancement. Further, it incorporated a National Program on Minimum Needs like lodging, drinking water, essential instruction, and so forth.

Yearly Plan (1978-80)

Likewise called the Rolling Plan, it accomplished the objectives of the earlier years.

5 Year Plan Template PDF

6th Five Year Plan of India (1980-85)

This arrangement concentrated on the financial foundation in the rustic zones. Further, it tried to dispose of rustic destitution and decrease provincial incongruities through the Integrated Rural Development Program (IRDP – 1979).


Seventh Five Year Plan of India (1985 – 90)

The nation appreciated a sensible rate of financial development (5.4 percent) amid the Sixth Plan. The Seventh Plan concentrated on the fast generation of foodgrains alongside an expansion in the making of business and generally speaking profitability. The core values were development, modernization, confidence, and social equity.

5 year plan Google Doc
5 year plan Google Doc

5 year plan in India

Eighth Five Year Plan of India (1992 – 97)

The Eighth Plan was planned to be presented in April 1990. Nonetheless, there were numerous adjustments in the Government at the Center, which prompted the reconstitution of the Planning Commission and the readiness of various forms of the way to deal with the Eighth Plan.

At long last, in 1992, the Eighth Plan presented (fourth form). As of now, the nation was experiencing an extreme financial emergency and the Government started monetary changes to give another dynamism to the economy.

5 year plan in India
5 year plan in India

Ninth Five Year Plan of India (1997 – 2002)

The South East Asian Financial Crisis (1996-97) caused a general log jam in the economy of India as well. While the progression procedure was still condemned, India was out of the financial wreckage of the mid-1990s. The Plan focused on a high development rate of 7 percent and furthermore guided itself towards time-bound social goals.

5 Year Plan Template Format

Further, the Plan concentrated on the seven Basic Minimum Services (BMS) with the end goal of accomplishing total populace inclusion in a period bound way. The BMS incorporates:

  • Safe drinking water
  • Essential wellbeing administration
  • Universalization of essential training
  • Open lodging help to shield less families
  • Wholesome help to kids
  • Network all things considered and residences
  • Streamlining the open circulation framework
  • Tenth Five Year Plan of India (2002 – 07)
  • Some significant parts of this Plan were:
  • Twofold the per capita salary in 10 years
  • Higher development rates must convert into better personal satisfaction for individuals
  • Set monitorable targets
  • Thought of administration as a factor of improvement
  • Arrangement and institutional changes in all parts
  • Pronouncing the agribusiness area as the essential moving power (PMF) of the economy
  • Accentuation on the social division (wellbeing, instruction, and so forth.)

Eleventh Five Year Plan of India (2007-12)

The title of the eleventh Plan was ‘Towards Faster and increasingly Inclusive Growth’. It imagined a high development rate of around 9 percent suggesting a development rate of around 7.5 percent in the per capita GDP. It likewise guaranteed a general improvement in the personal satisfaction of individuals.

Twelfth Five Year Plan of India (2012 – 17)

As indicated by this arrangement, ‘It must be guided by a dream of India pushing ahead in a way that would guarantee an expansive based improvement in the expectations for everyday comforts of the considerable number of individuals through a development procedure which is quicker than previously, progressively comprehensive, and furthermore more naturally supportable.