Accurate Printable Ring Size Chart

Best 3+ Accurate printable ring sizer

Ring sizer is required by almost everyone who is purchasing the ring online, or want to gift to someone. Rings and jeweler is every woman’s favorite. If you want to gift your love a ring on any of the occasions but want to keep it secret then use the ring sizer to check their size. Ring sizer area available in various patterns based on the ways of testing the size of the ring. It is obvious that testing the size of anything requires various terms to measure it. We are providing here the Accurate printable ring sizer with accurate size of the ring.


Accurate printable ring sizer

This will give you correct information and you can rely on it while purchasing the ring from online store. We know that you cannot test the size of the ring online by wearing it. But you may know the actual size of the ring that will fit into your fingers. There are many ways to test the measurement of the ring size.

Accurate Printable Ring Sizer
Accurate Printable Ring Sizer


How to check the size of Ring?

Thread test

Imagine, you want to gift your loved one a ring but do not know about their size. Then you can use the method for testing the size. Take a thread and wrap around him/her finger and then mark the point where the end of the thread meet after wrapping the thread completely. Now test the length of the thread and compare it with the chart.

  • Take a piece of thread or string
  • Wrap around the finger for accurate measurement
  • Mark the point where ends meet
  • Compare the size with the help of our chart

Free Ring Sizer

Circle test

If you succeed in getting the ring of your loved one or wanted to test your own ring size then you can use this test. For performing this test, you need a ring that snuggly fits into the finger. Follow these steps to get the perfect size.

Free Ring Sizer
Free Ring Sizer
  • Place ring on each circle on the paper
  • Find whether the inner edges of ring matches any of the circle
  • If ring perfectly fits in circle then it is the real size

Make sure that you are testing the size after taking the print of the chart. Do not place the ring on the screen and start testing the size. This is not the right procedure. The resolution of screen displays the size in the chart different from that of original. This will result in incorrect size. So you are advised to use the chart after taking the print in its original size for accurate measurement.


Accurate Printable Ring Size Chart

Paper Test

This test requires a good quality paper and printer to print the size measuring tape. You need to perform the following steps to measure the size of ring.

Accurate Printable Ring Size Chart
Accurate Printable Ring Size Chart


  • Print the ring size chart and Cut it carefully
  • Cut the dotted line stating “Find your size” or making a slit
  • Place the paper on your finger
  • slip the pointed end into the slit created in the second step
  • Pull the pointed end till the paper fits completely into the finger
  • The number at which the arrow is pointing is accurate ring size

Make sure that you do not pull the paper out of the limit. The paper should snuggly fits in your finger. It should not be very tight or very loose in your finger.



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