Free 4×6 Postcard Template Design Photoshop

4x6 Postcard Template

Postcard is one of the most popular way of sending messages to your dear ones., These are purposely used for giving information regarding business meeting, job interview or the offers o various products. These postcards were used earlier at large scale but the technology has modified the medium of sharing messages. Now few people or companies are using the postcard. IN this article, we are going to discuss about the 4×6 postcard template. You will get the accurate dimension of these postcards. People use this size of postcard to send messages for personal purpose. If you want to share these postcard templates with others then do that instantly.


Free 4×6 Postcard Template

What is Postcard Template ?

The Postcard is a best companion of the travelers. Many travelers carry postcard with them and share the trip experiences with their dear ones. The postcard templates helps them to write their thought perfectly even when they forget to take the postcard with them. You can also create your own postcard and paste the image of your trip on it. The Postcard designs can be customized deepening on your need. The back end will blank while the fronted will be used for the address, name and other details of the receiver. The postcard templates are also used for other purposes. People design photo frame or other artistry with these postcards.

4x6 Postcard Template
4×6 Postcard Template

4×6 Postcard Template Photoshop

Different Postcard Template Format

WE are fond of wonderful designs and patterns. The postcard available at our site is easy to use. You just need to have a printer and internet connection and sheet for printing the template. Download the image or the file form this article. Then make changes in the postcard if your find it necessary. Then print the postcard using a printer. Also, if you want to show your creativity and want to share the postcard with the message written on it then you can do that. Just share the postcard with your written message on it. WE have shared the best quality images and files with you. These templates are free of cost. So download as many as you want. These templates are available in blank and other formats.

4x6 Postcard Template Photoshop
4×6 Postcard Template Photoshop


4×6 Postcard design

Need Postcard Template

Writing a postcard is easy as you just need to write your feelings in limited words. Also, the name and address of the person must be written on it. The address of receiver and addressee must be mentioned. Do not forget to paste the stamp on Postcard. You will get stamp from the post office of the location where you are currently present. If you are in abroad then you can get that online. Sending the post card is also simple. You just need to drop it into the nearest post box. The template of this postcard is superb and you will surely love to write your message on it.

4x6 Postcard design
4×6 Postcard design


4×6 Postcard Template PDF

Postcard Template

Send these postcards to your relatives, friends, colleagues or anyone you want. The technology has reduced the use of postcard in the world. But this beautiful service comes with many memories. You can send messages on social media apps but collecting the postcards from your dear one sis best feeling ever.

4x6 Postcard Template Free
4×6 Postcard Template Free
4x6 Postcard Template PDF
4×6 Postcard Template PDF



Postcard is used widely at the time of events such as New Year and Christmas for sending messages to each other.  The postcards are still very popular in many countries. IF you want to create your own postcard with the accurate margins then using the 4×6 Postcard Template is good for you. Download the templates available in this post. You will get the perfect result. Do not make changes in the margins as the lines are created based on the standard size of the postcard. If you want to make your dear ones happy then it is better to create your own postcard with different designs. Use images to make it look more attractive.


Best 5+ Leadership development plan template Format

Leadership development Plan template

What is Leadership development plan template ?

If you want to be a good leader then you must owe the good leadership skills. These skills come within the person’s strength and capabilities. Becoming a leader seems to be difficult and actually t is. But what makes the leader a “leader” is his/her skills. WE often see people taking stand for different issues but will they be called s leader? Well, we can say them leader if they fulfill the requirements of being a leader.  If you want to be a good leader then learn how to become the one. We have the templates which will help you in planning your leadership qualities. Here is the best leadership development plan template for you.

Leadership development plan template

Step 1: What Generally Makes a Great Leader?

To develop a leadership development plan you must know about the best qualities a leader must possess. Make a list of skills and qualities you think that make up abilities, traits, competencies, and experience of a leader.

Three examples of these skills which you must write down in your lists are:

  • Honest, ethical behavior
  • Being able to succinctly and clearly communicate a vision
  • Using best methods, intuition and creativity to navigate unpredictable and difficult situations
Leadership development Plan template
Leadership development Plan template


Step 2: Take a Self-Assessment

You must know about your core characteristics as it is important. You must break down your personality strength and traits. Ask yourself who am I? And try to understand your position.


Personal Leadership development Plan template Sample

Step 3: Identify Your Core Values

After the core characteristics, you must focus on the core values. These values are the principles you use to define integrity and ethics and also making decisions. These things help in making decisions as per your choices. Here is some of the core values listed below. Select almost 8 from the following values which are important for you.

  • Achievement
  • Advancement
  • Adventure
  • Affiliation
  • Affluence
  • Authority
  • Autonomy
  • Balance
  • Challenge
  • Collaboration
  • Community
  • Competency
  • Competition
  • Courage
  • Creativity
  • Duty
  • Economic security
  • Enjoyment
  • Fame
  • Friendship
  • Health
  • Helping others
  • Humor
  • Influence
  • Inner harmony
  • Integrity
  • Knowledge
  • Loyalty
  • Personal development
  • Responsibility
  • Self-respect
  • Spirituality
  • Wisdom

Now from your selection, you must identify 3-5 main core values. And make a perfect chart.

Personal Leadership development Plan template Sample
Personal Leadership development Plan template Sample


Leadership development plan word template

Step 4: Write a Personal Vision Statement

A personal vision statement will be helpful in making a reflection of your personal traits and core values. You must set your personal vision and while writing focus on the following:

  • What you want to be
  • What you want to contribute or achieve
  • The principles/values to make decisions, whether it is big or small

This vision statement will be your personal constitution which will be physical reminder to you for seeing where have you been and where you have to go. By outlining these vision statements you can easily develop goals and write an action plan.

Leadership development Plan template Word
Leadership development Plan template Word


Leadership development Plan Example PDF

Step5: Identify Current and Lacking Leadership Skills

Now it is time to identify what kind of leadership qualities you have and on whom you must work. Traits are natural abilities which will last long your lifetime. Write a complete list of the qualities you have and needed to work on. Here is some kind of skills which you can consider.

Personal skills: managing personal stress, solving problems, developing self-awareness

Group skills: Empowering and delegating, managing change, building effective teams and teamwork,

Technical skills: Making presentations, personnel management, making policies, budgeting, project management

Interpersonal skills: Coaching and counseling, influencing and motivating others, other supportive communication, managing conflict

Once you have made the list out of these skills mark them as your strength and need development in this way you will know what kind of skills you possess and how much work you have to do on yourself.

Step 6: Set Goals         

You must now focus n the goals. Use the personal leadership skills list and develop goals for you according those skills. You must write 2-3 stretch leadership development goals and 1-2 manageable goals. You can work on SMART Goals.

Leadership development Plan Example PDF
Leadership development Plan Example PDF


Leadership development strategic Plan template

SMART goals are:

Specific: Ask who, what, why, where, when, and which

Measureable: Establish a solid criteria for measuring your progress; ask “How many?”, “How much?”, and, “How will I know when it is accomplished?”

Attainable: You can attain any goal if you follow the plan steps and also you are recommended to establish realistic time frame. Ask yourself what would be the conditions for attaining your planned goals.

Realistic: Select the goals on which you are able to work or willing to achieve them. It means the goals will be the things you think can be accomplished or you want to accomplish.

Timely: Goals should be grounded within a specific time frame

Leadership development strategic Plan template
Leadership development strategic Plan template



A leader must possess the skills which makes him/her different from others. Leaders usually make effort to solve the problems within specific time. If you are willing to become a good leader then start making leadership development plan template as it will be beneficial for you in developing the skills which will make you a leader.


Best 5+ Business continuity plan template Format

Free Business Continuity Plan Template

Dong business is not easy as it seems to be. No disaster strikes after giving you an advanced notice. One day if you are leading in market then other day something will go wrong. At this point, a business continuity plan template will help you out.

For giving the boost to your business during the disaster you need tested plan for coming out of this situation. The lack of plan will not only responsible for a company’s recovery duration from incident but also it may result in a complete shutdown.

What is Business continuity?

Business continuity means maintaining business functions during the disruption caused by natural disaster, flood, or cyber attacks by the criminals. It consists of various procedures and instructions which you must follow when facing these incidents. It covers all the business processes human resources, assets, business partners and more.

Business continuity plan is different from disaster recovery plan. People have misconceptions that these plans are similar but it is not true. A Disaster recovery plan focuses on restoring IT operations and infrastructure after the crisis occur. In a nutshell, it is just a part of business continuity plan.

A business continuity plan also consists of the BIA known as Business Impact Analysis. It indentifies the impact of the disaster on your business infrastructure and functions after sudden disaster.

Business Continuity Plan template PDF
Business Continuity Plan template PDF


Business continuity plan template

Who need Business Continuity Plan?

All organizations require a Business Continuity plan. The size of the business doesn’t matter for a BCP.

The risk of disruptive incident is common in every organization. Cyber attack and security breach are the two main incidents which occur in every country of the world.

Plan failure can be disastrous for an organization. It could affect your business to the level from where the recovery will not be possible.

Business Continuity Plan Template
Business Continuity Plan Template

What should be included in Business Continuity Plan?

Creating a BCP is an easy task if you know what should be included in it. A plan must be well prepared and the creator should concentrate on the flowing points.

Purpose and scope

First of all, you must focus on the purpose of creating this plan. The details must be provided briefly but exclusion should be explained.


The duties must be assigned to the people related to authority during or after the incident happen.

Plan invocation

You must mention the details of when and how Plan will be invoked.

Business Continuity Plan Sample

Developing the BCP

The plan must be accessible to everyone working in origination and the information mentioned in plan must be understood by them.


The communication is a key to success so it should be listed on how and under which circumstances, the organization will establish contact with employees and their relatives, emergency contacts and interested parties.

Business continuity plan sample
Business continuity plan sample



Information related to stakeholders is essential and should be provided including contact details.

Document owner, approver and change history record

A business continuity manager is responsible for the actions involved in the plan including testing and reviewing the procedure. Also, he is the owner of BCP.

Change management

The documents are important so they must be published at a place from where the people directly involved in BCP can access and read them. Also, make sure these documents must be in all the formats like digital, hard copy etc.

Business continuity plan Word template

Benefits of Business Continuity Plan

As I told you earlier, BCP is very beneficial for a business. Here are some of the advantages of a business continuity plan.

Improved Perception of public about the company – A company displaying preparedness and proactive attitude will have a positive and favorable impression of organization. It will increase the trust among people which will convert them into loyal customers.

It will boost employee’s functionality and morale as well as their loyalty to the company. Employees always require stability in organization or the company in which they are working. A string BCP is the best way for management to ensure the employees about the stability of company. It will help them in motivating their employees to increase the productivity and be pride as a member of that organization.

Business Continuity Plan Word Template
Business Continuity Plan Word Template


Free Business continuity plan template

BCP helps in making the good relationship of the shareholders and business. It also improves the relation with other stakeholders. The trust of the shareholders encourages them to invest in the business or company. Hence partners will not stop collaborating or working with the business if they know that the business is ready and have plans for coping with the crises.

Efficiency of the organization is improved with the help of BCP. As the disruption in operations take place during crises so a BCP will help the company to respond appropriately and quickly keeping costs and loses to be minimum because it is already planned.

Free Business Continuity Plan Template
Free Business Continuity Plan Template


Last Words

For Writing a business Continuity plan you must focus on the accuracy of the business entitles and the details of individuals involved in it. The information must be updated after certain period. If you do not know how to write the BCP then you must download or look for Business Continuity plan template. The information provided in this article and the templates are accurate. These templates will be useful for you in making a best plan for your organization or business.