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Best 3+ Bar Graph Template Free

BAR GRAPH TEMPLATE using parallel bars of varying lengths, widths etc. as to illustrate comparative costs, exports, birth rates, etc. It is also known as bar chart. These are first recorded in 1920 to 1925.A bar graph is used to visually represent qualitative data or information. This is mainly used to represent statistics related data, because when information doesn’t consist numerical and this kind of graph emphasizes each of the category and its relevant horizontal bars of each straight corresponding bars the arrangement of the bars is by frequencies.

Bar Graph Template

By looking all of the bars it is easy to tell the items or things which category they belong to in a set of date they dominate the others, the larger category they bar will be bigger compared to all bars, along with these we denote how many numbers of the data set or in each category arrange with their corresponding frequencies. Just because the category with the highest frequency end up and represent a by the largest bar and the category with the lowest frequency, they represented by the smallest bar the numbers of the bar correspond to the highest number when it has high frequency.


Bar Graph Elementary Student

A bar graph is a graph drawn using rectangular bars to show how large each value is. The bars can be either horizontal or vertical.

Parts of the bar graph:

  • Axis: the lines on the graph you measure from to find a value. There are two axes on the bar namely x- axis and y- axis.
  • Title: it gives an idea of the information to presented on each axis.
  • Labels: it tells what is being presented on each axis.
  • Intervals: measure of the amount of the different groups.
  • Bars: rectangular blocks that represent a data.
Bar Graph Elementary Student
Bar Graph Elementary Student

Vertical Bar Graphs Free

Types of bar diagrams:

  1. Simple bar diagrams: these bar diagrams based on single set of numerical data. For example, you are given year and birth rate then it is easy to represent in bar diagram.
  2. Multiple bar diagrams: these bar diagrams based on two sets of numerical data and represent in single graph. For example, if you are given year, birth rate and death rate at that time we use multiple bar diagrams.
  3. Sub divided bar diagrams or different bar diagrams: in these bar diagrams in only one bar we use two different numerical data. For example, if you are given year, hydro- electricity, and thermal electricity you should total sum of hydro electricity and thermal electricity and represent in one bar diagram. Then you should mark how much percent does each belong (filling bars with each different colours).
Vertical Bar Graph Free
Vertical Bar Graph Free
  1. Percentage bar diagram: you should convert numerical data into percentage with their corresponding numbers and represent in bar chart. For example, when two different years with multiple categories given at that time, we use it.
  2. Deviation bar diagram: these type of bar diagrams represents two bar graphs in a single graph in opposite directions one is right side and other is left side. Two graphs have different numerical data and different variables.