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The Board Game Template which are played by using board or table like chess, carroms, pinball, Ludo etc. some of the strategic board games mechanisms and explanation what they mean:

Abstract strategy for example in chess the king and queen doesn’t do anything except moving one step forward or backward they don’t really mean anything, when movement they can do at that players’ try to kill them because entire game depends on king and queen.

Board Game Template

Action point selection in chess or caroms you can take many number actions in one step or one turn. You have to choose any one of them.

Area control in Ludo we throw cubes we will get any number at that time you have area of control just like power in your hand.

Auctions in some game we bet money if we select any one of the numbers in the board we may or may-not win depends on our luck. This is also known as blind bidding.

Board Game Template
Board Game Template

Custom Board Game Maker Free

Card driven games means some of the games like UNO if we pick any card if that is special card, we can play it as action point selection that you can take. Sometimes cards can tale two, three, more than three times actions.

Collectable games mean we can buy a deck of cards customize them that any way you want and play against other player.

Living card games this strategy is used in deck cards when we get similar types of cards some-times we know particular type of card you are going to get at that time you know you are going to win or lose.

Cooperative games which all the players working together against the game for example, the island is slowly sinking and your jam to get off the island we cover some places to get off the island in different ways, it is a team game.

Custom Board Game Maker Free
Custom Board Game Maker Free

Board Game Format PDF

Deck building which players start with small deck of cards as the game progresses either trap or buy cards from others, increase the number of cards we have.

Drafting it is just like deck building cards collecting the cards with same number and we build the cards.

Filler is a game very simple and easy to teach, maybe not the main course starting and ending decks of the cards should be similar.

Gateway games simple to teach and understand, maybe it is like filler when you fill the same colors according to game introduce new ideas in the game.

Board Game Format PDF
Board Game Format PDF

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Hidden roles secretly all pretending may be together not one person who that person is secretly aware about all and players are using different types of deduction who the bad player is? They have hidden goals.

Pick up and delivery, push your luck, roll and move, set collection, simulated selection, strategy and tactics, take that, trick taking games, worker placement etc. are some of the board game strategies generally, we use in our day to day life. Board games different mechanisms used for different games.