Wedding Booklet template Microsoft Word

Best 5+ Booklet template Free Design

A booklet template is a template that provides a small, thin book with paper covers, and typically giving information on a particular subject. 

Booklet  provide an opportunity to improve the design of your flyer at the best possible cost. The best point about templates is you can customize them according to your taste and can spread that to your network.

Types of booklet template

There are many types of booklet templates. We have selected the main of the following and explained below.

  1. Resume  template
  2. Booklet catalog mockup
  3. Square design booklet 
  4. Custom booklet 
  5. Portfolio booklet 
  6. Branding booklet 
Booklet Design Ideas
Booklet Design Ideas


Booklet template Pages

Resume template

To get your dream job, your first impression should be the best impression that you are the best candidate. Resume booklet convinces the potential employers in the given time. Resume template supports some of the specific software like PDF files and Adobe in Design.

Booklet template Pages
Booklet template Pages


Booklet template

Booklet catalog mockup

When you are into a business, you need to show your work through a catalog booklet in a way elegantly. This can helps you to achieve that goal. They are designed to make your Concept looks attractive.

Square design booklet

Square design booklets make fantastic prospectus and product guides. They are not limited to a particular business and can be used for general purposes.

Booklet template
Booklet template


Free Booklet template Word

Custom booklet

Although they are customer booklet, you can design them as per your requirements. This booklet can be great use if you are planning something for a special occasion.

Portfolio booklet

A portfolio booklet helps you to prepare a printed portfolio that can help you to present your work in a better way.

Branding booklet

A branding template is something that makes your product different and unique from the other products. You can design some fantastic models through which you will be able to get your brand right on its way. The main purpose of this template to market your brand.

Free Booklet template Word
Free Booklet template Word


Wedding Booklet template Microsoft Word

How to design booklet template

The booklet  is cost-effective and is fun to make. Creating your own booklet is an easy process. It is straightforward, especially when you know exactly what you are going to place on it.

When you create a booklet, you must have a plan for it. Then you can download a free booklet and create from scratch the word processing software of your choice.

Wedding Booklet template Microsoft Word
Wedding Booklet template Microsoft Word


Below are the steps to design a booklet template

We have selected the best way to make a booklet. By following the stated steps, you can make your own self-made booklet.

  1. First, you need word processing software to make a booklet.
  2. Go to the layout and select the page setup dialog launch icon at the right bottom corner.
  3. Now on the margin tab, change the setting for the multiple pages to book fold.
  4. Then select the value of gutter and reserve space on the inside folds for binding and increase them.
  5.  Go to the paper tab.
  6. Now select the paper size.
  7. Click ok. And you are done

Uses of booklet 

Following are some other kind of methods of booklet explained below:

  • A booklet can be used on more than one occasion.
  • It is also used as a catalog, pamphlets, or training manuals at work.
  • You are also used to promote your business by providing essential details to your customer.


A booklet template is a way to create the best impression on your target audience and helps to achieve your goals. That’s all about booklet.