Letter to the Editor Format Template

Letter to the Editor Format Template Sample Example Printable

Letters are the most useful way to connect with the people quickly. They can be used for sharing your thoughts with others. Most of the time we read an article in the newspaper that has an impact on us. We want to tell the world and the writer of the article about our views on that situation. Letters to the Editor are the only way to communicate. If you do not know about writing the letter to the editor then no worries, we are going to tell you about the tips for writing the letter in this article as well as providing some templates for your help.

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Letter to the Editor Format Template Sample Example Printable

Letter writing is the most wonderful experience one could ever get. You should know about the correct layout of the letter and then everything seems to be easy.

Letter to the Editor Format Template Example


Letter to the Editor Format Template Sample Example Printable
Letter to the Editor Format Template Sample Example Printable


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What is a Letter to the Editor?

A letter to the editor is the written way of talking to the Magazine, newspaper or other publication. These letters are found on the first section of the magazine or newspapers. It could be about the information or against any issue. The letters are written in short and the word limit is about 300. You can write about any of the current topic or the issues disappearing from the people’s eye. Also, you can stimulate the interest of news media about the topic you are working on.

Sample Letter to Editor
Sample Letter to Editor


How to write the letter to Editor?

Letter to the editor is the most popular column in any newspaper. People used to read this section so as to get the vision of the world on a hot topic. Editors receive a number of letters everyday to be added in this section. But they select only few of them on the basis of the writing style, content and language. If you want your letter to be selected then you must:

  • Create the interest of editor to readout the whole letter
  • Write the letter immediately after the article is published
  • Do not ask personal or any kind of questions that can affect the editor. Thus will have a negative impression on him.
  • Use a good headline for persuading the editor to pick your letter for the printing. You know that these letters are written to convince the editor for giving space to your article and views in their column. So if your headline is snappy then he will definitely get interested in your letter.
  • Start with the introduction and purpose of writing the letter. If you are writing the letter in response of printed article then mention the title, author’s name and other information.
  • End with call to action and provide personal details. Also do not forget to mention your contact details in the letter. Your mobile number, address and email id will not be published in the newspaper. This is given so that the editor can keep your record and contact you whenever required.

These are the points that you should keep in your mind while writing the letter. People usually make these silly mistakes and get their letters rejected by the editor. There are some more tips that will be helpful for sending an effective letter to the editor.

Letter to the Editor Example
Letter to the Editor Example


Some Useful tips:

  • Make Letter Brief: letter should be kept short but well detailed. You must write your response or views in short and clear manner.
  • Be Professional: You must show professionalism within your letter. Follow the publication rules and write within the word limit. Most o the publications have limit of 200-300 words whereas some has 500 words.
  • Show your Expertise: Knowledge of a topic is not enough you must show your skills. Be persuasive and relate the affect of the topic to the family and society. Readers take interest in the articles that are related to their own and family’s life.

Daily newspapers need various articles that are well written. So whenever you are influenced by any article write the response in short period of time and send it through mail or email. In this age of technology, Emails have become common and looks impressive.