Best 3+ Cash Flow Statement Template Format PDF

Cash Flow Statement Template

In financial accounting Cash Flow Statement Template is also known as statement of cash flows, cash means money in the form of rupees, dollars, coins etc. flow means it can be out- flow or in- flow, and statement means which records the flows of the cash, flow of the cash means incoming and out- going.

So, any statement which shows flow of the cash is called cash flow statement. So, these flows can be two types either inflow or out- flow. Inflow means income of cash to the company, out- flow means out going of cash from the company. In other words, we can say it as receipts and payments. Receipts are inflow of cash and payments are out- flow of cash.

Cash Flow Statement Template


In cash book all receipts keep in debit side and payments keep in credit side, cash flow statement is compressed cash book. Similarities between them are both are made for particular period of time, both statements contain sonly cash transactions, in cash book each and every transaction note date wise, in cash flow statement all cash transactions are grouped in different activities.

Cash flow statements are grouped into three activities. They are:

  • Operating activities.
  • Investing activities.
  • Financial activities.
Cash Flow Statement Template
Cash Flow Statement Template

Personal Cash Flow Excel Free 

Whether it is receipt or payments of the company they fall in one of the activities either investing or operating or financial activity. In business terms cash means not only coins and notes, but also include bank balance, cash equivalent (all the marketable investments that can be sold any movement without any significant loss). There is no difference between cash flows and cash equivalents.

Cash also include demand deposits (you have invested some amount it can be taken in any movement), some companies invest surpluses means invested money outside the company. The activities that records the movement between cash and cash flow equivalent, that are not recorded in cash flow statement.

The things which are recorded in cash books are for example, sell marketable investments (if you sold and get hard cash are the type of marketable investments), but this type of statements is not recorded in cash flow statement.

Personal Cash Flow Statement Excel Free Download
Personal Cash Flow Statement Excel Free

Simple Cash Flow Statement Direct Method

Use of cash flow statement:

  • Tool to handle cash management.
  • Important in decision making.
  • Transactions are grouped, it doesn’t show one particular activity.
  • So, the management can find out how to handle the cash book.
  • It is always important to know from where the money is coming, from where it is going out.
Simple Cash Flow Statement Direct Method
Simple Cash Flow Statement Direct Method



CASH means= HARD CASH+BANK BALANCE+ near CASH ASSETS (short term investments etc.).

FLOW means= Change i.e. (increase/ inflow) or (decrease/ Out- flow).

STATEMENT means Something that stated in writing.

Any statement showing the changes in the cash for a given period of time is called cash flow statement.

Sometimes there no flow of cash takes place (no change).

Cash flow statement is sort of condensed cash book.

Marketable investments are cash equivalents.

For cash flow statement, cash means cash equivalent too.

Sale or purchases of marketable investments not recorded in cash flow statement.


Approval Letter Template

Approval Letter Sample Format Template

Approval letter is an official statement for granting permission to a person for some work. These letters are used widely to give permission for work in office, new project, approving loan and other places where legal approval is necessary. A written statement is always considered as official because it is proof of the request or permission whereas verbal statement is of no use in profession. Also it is clearly mentioned in the letters that what is permitted to the receiver by the sender with certain conditions. This letter is a legal document of permission for various kinds of purposes.

The message of mortgaging the property or approval of loan is always sent thorough the letters. Now email is used as a medium for sending the letters. If you are unable to write the letter of approval then you must learn it. In this article you will get information about the Approval Letter Template and the collection of amazing templates.

Benefits of using Approval Letter Template

Templates are always useful for the people who are willing to write the perfect professional letters. If you are creditor, working in governing body, employer or at other post that send approvals then you must know about writing these kinds of letters granting permission for some work. We know that many people are unaware of this style but templates make this work easy. Some benefits of these templates are given below

Approval Letter Sample Format Template
Approval Letter Sample Format Template
  • Professional Language: An official letter consists of technical words that show the professionalism. The content in our templates prepared with such words.
  • Concise and Precise: Templates are short in length but convey the message correctly. Letters require being clear and understandable. This is the main focus in the templates.
  • Accurate Format: Every letter has its own format of writing so is the approval letter. Templates give you a complete layout of the letter and tell you where to place the name, greetings and content in the letter.
approval letter template printable
approval letter template printable


Tips for Writing Approval Letter

  • Start your letter with the message of approval.
  • Mention the condition on which the approval done. Include all the terms and condition of approval in the beginning.
  • Be formal with your words while writing the letter. Avoid being friendly as this is the official letter.
  • Use professional format as this is the most important and the visible thing to the others.
  • If the approval granted for limited time then you must mention the starting and ending grant period in the letter.
  • Write about the actions, you will take against the receiver if any of the term is violated.
  • Congratulate the receiver in the end of letter.

These tips are very effective for writing the Approval Letter Template. Once you have followed these tips, you will be able to write a perfect letter for your company or business. Vocabulary is an essential element so make a check before sending it to the person or company. Our templates have perfect content with high grammar and spelling rank.

Table Tent Template

Table Tent Template

The terms Table Tent Template and tent card allude to a printed publicizing show put on a table in an eatery or at an occasion. The presentation is produced using collapsed paper stock or cardboard that is imprinted on the two sides with the goal that somebody on either side of the table can peruse it. Making one of these presentations can be precarious since the content must be turned to show up accurately on the two sides. A tent card or table tent layout can disentangle the procedure.

How to Use Table Tent Template

Utilizing table tents in promoting can be a successful strategy to welcome more clients or publicize items and administrations for foundations, for example, lodgings, eateries or even bars. When you appropriately plan and make table tent formats in Word or some other programming on the PC, they can altogether increase your arrival on speculation.

Table Tent Template
Table Tent Template

Employment of Table Tent Template

Table tent mockups which have been thought of and made innovatively can have diverse employment. Since they are as often as possible utilized in foundations which require a ton of publicizing, they are typically bright and more visual as opposed to containing only content, to draw in the clients and shoppers. Here are a few uses for such devices:

  • Advancements for Food and Beverages

Utilizing such formats would be powerful when you are propelling new sustenance or refreshments in your foundation.

  • Advancements for Desserts

As your clients take a seat to eat, having such a format which promotes a treat puts the possibility of it in their psyches. At that point, there is a high probability that they would arrange a pastry after they have completed their feast.

  • To Advertise Events and Special Promotions

For inns, having such a layout in vital areas would successfully get the message out about unique advancements and occasions.

You can really utilize these sorts of promoting instruments to publicize or basically to spread applicable data to significantly more individuals. In addition to the fact that they are anything but difficult to make, yet they are likewise basic however extremely viable. Presently how about we proceed onward to the diverse sorts.

table tent template free
table tent template free

Sorts of Table Tent Template

There are various sorts of table tents which can be made and put deliberately to advertise certain items, advancements or occasions. Here we will experience the most well-known sorts of layouts which are utilized:


  • Tent Setup

This is the most essential sort which is made by accurately collapsing a bit of long, thick paper with the goal that it looks like a tent. This would most likely stand upstanding independent from anyone else without help. This is additionally the most well-known sort found in various foundations.

  • Flip Book

The structure of this is like the tent set up and the thing that matters is it has numerous leaves which you can flip over to take a gander at all the data which is composed on the pages. These sorts are the most adaptable as you would almost certainly input a great deal of data or promotions on them. At that point all you would need to do is place them in key areas and flip the pages so the most intriguing one is in front.

  • Encircled Tent

This is a typical sort wherein an edge is utilized to embed a flyer or an ad on. The casing would then go about as the tent and would be significantly sturdier than the layout made simply from thick paper. It could likewise be significantly more cost amicable as you’d simply need to change the promotion in the casing and print it on ordinary paper.

  • Redone

At long last, you can have these formats specially crafted from various printing places. You would probably pick the sort and style just as the substance and the structure that would go into your format. This is presumably the most costly sort particularly in the event that you might want to go “full scale” and have a truly customized table tent.

Table Tent Template Printable
Table Tent Template Printable


Here are some useful hints when structuring your Table Tent Templates:

  1. Focus on the sheltered territory, slice and drain zone to ensure your table tent structures don’t get cut out.
  2. Try to structure the two sides of the Table Tent Template. Remember that the structures don’t need to be indistinguishable.
  3. Art you’re informing great. One side can be the consideration grabber while the opposite side gives extra subtleties.

These are the most widely recognized sorts; in any case, you may discover other diverse sorts out there. It truly relies upon what you need it for and your very own inclinations. Presently how about we proceed onward to really making the layout.

Best 3+ Bunny Template Format Excel

Bunny Template

Bunny Template rabbit, especially a small or young one. According to the scientific classification it belongs to animalia kingdom, Chordata phylum, vertebrata sun-phylum. Relates to Mammalia class. Leporidae (in part) family.

Because there are so many types of behaviours in rabbits, chewing is a very common behaviour in any types of rabbits used for many different things main ones are chews, rabbits are expert in chewing and tastes of objects or things. Digging is very important to them, because rabbits’ lives in under- ground they dig out themselves, so a lot of times house rabbits were also dig in its instant digging as they play content in happy and easy behaviour.

Bunny Template

Rabbits eat when they are happy another thing rabbit do is eating cecotropes if you do not know rabbits have creates their cecotropes it is essentially a type of food that rabbits eat it is full of nutrients that rabbits eat it basically just way to help them reabsorb as much nutrients as possible. Laying down is very content behaviour they rather may lay in many different types the positions these are just few examples.

Loafing is a sort of like laying it is just position that somewhere rabbits prefer to sleeping. Grooming is a sign that your rabbit is just feeling happy rabbits groom themselves more than cats we may see rabbits doing it lots of times.

Bunny Template
Bunny Template

Printable Bunny Design Example

Nudging is a type rather they do explore their area they were also some times nudge thing if they are in a way. A nip is just type of communication for rabbits they will do if again if some-thing in their way.

If a rabbit is biting, you ill most likely see a pinned ear and their tail raise during the bite. Are they rabbits or humans painting can be a contentment after wear round for a while, rabbits were also pinned ears when they are perfectly content this is the not always sign of a regression some way, they have to sleep this way. Raised tall a type of regression they also do it before they go to the bath-room. Running is something every rabbit does all the time. Running is very normal thing for the rabbit do when they are happy and content.

Printable Bunny Template Design
Printable Bunny Template Design

Free Bunny Template Format Excel

Scratching is also very normal behaviour for rabbit all the times they do it if they have any itching, sometimes they do rather grooming. Shaking is something house rabbits do, after they have stretched and woken up. Sleeping of-course, every creature does. Rabbit do not sleep with their eyes close. They have capability of sleeping with open eyes.

Free Bunny Template Format Excel
Free Bunny Template Format Excel

Sniffing is a way that rabbits explore to know things. Rabbits scratch the things for sitting for a while, superman pose is something which rabbits can do when they are sleeping. Yawning, happy, begging (love to beg for their food), binky (jump into air twist their body), Bunny 500 (when excited and hyper run around the room), circling, cuddling, flop (a lot of people get scared when they see their rabbits flopped as they get almost look dead) are some of the behaviours of bunny (rabbit) which we can generally observe.

Letter of Introduction Template

Letter of Introduction Template Example Format

Introducing yourself didn’t seem to be easy when you are seeking for Job or approaching client. Letters make this process easier. But your letter must be more than just your introduction. We know that it is quite difficult to talk about your career and goals if you are meeting someone or talking for the first time. Networking has become big source for hiring he candidates. In this way of interview, your Letter of Introduction Template is the most convenient method to tell about yourself and goals. We know that most of the people are unaware of Introduction letter writing format so we have designed templates for their use.

Letter of Introduction Template Example Format
Letter of Introduction Template Example Format

What is the Use of Letter of Introduction?

This letter is useful for all kind of business purposes where you need to introduce yourself. A job seeker to business owners uses this letters for new opportunities. Our templates are versatile can be edited depending on the goals.  Here are some of the ways in which this letter can be used.

Letter of Introduction Sample
Letter of Introduction Sample


  • Job seekers: every person who is looking for a great job opportunity can use their letter for introducing him/her to the HR during Online interviews. Most of the people think that Resume and letter of Introduction format are identical. But this is not true; you can see the difference in the templates. Job seekers must keep this in mind.
  • Investors: Approaching the new clients and Investors is not as easy as it seems for the businesses. You need to provide the details of your target and persuade them for investment. This could be only done with the help of letter of Introduction.
  • Sales: when you want to sell services to other business then this letter is used as the first step for building relationship with them. Every business to business relation starts with these kinds of letters in which the introduction of company is given.
  • Freelancers: Building business as a freelancer is not easy as no one know you on a personal basis. Letter of Introduction are helpful for such people to interact with businesses and let them know about the work and experience in their respective field.

Tips for writing Letter of Introduction

Introduction letter become easy to write when you know the basics of writing the letter. The format of letter is mandatory but also you should take care of some points to make your letter more interesting to read. Here are some of the tips for you.

  • Make the letter easy to understand with clear message. Write in brief but do not leave any point that can describe your idea well. The scheme that is coming into your mind must be discussed with the party.
  • Be informal to some extant but do not lose the professionalism. You could use some words to make your letter slightly informal. Starting a business with other party is not easy as you have to make them feel good and comfortable first.
  • Contact and other details must be given accurately. This information is must for getting response from the party.
  • Use templates for writing the letter if do not know much about the pattern. Customize the templates and use them in the way you want to use.

You can save the file, make changes, save and print the letter for free. Also these saved files can be sent through email to the employer or related person. This Letter of Introduction Template can be used in many ways by people belonging to different field.

Best 3+ Trading Card Template Free

Trading Card Template

Trading Card Template is one of a set of small cards, as one of the portray or describe professional athletes, either sold separately or it is a type of premium or free sticker with packages of bubble gum or children use these trading cards collected and traded as part of their game.

Some of the top trading games are:

Chaotic trading card game:

Trading Card Template

Originally it is created in Denmark in starting of the 21st century. Chaotic quickly became one of the popular games, this can be easily become unique panel system which two players get each-other with immediate monster and panel attacking to one another of their choice. While it is available on online, chaotic is only franchise solid game across fully intermated. the official website of this game is

Battle tech collectable card game:

Created by Saban entertainments in 1994, one way to spice up a card game creating by visits of the ghosts the same winds besides magic together battle as created related to table top series, here many elements go near battle and attack opponents and kill with your creative ideas, the collectable game has gainedits popularity after a strong five-year run.

Trading Card Template
Trading Card Template

Free Trading Card Google DOCS

Duel master trading card game:

This dual master trading card game is created by Hasbro studios and plastic cow productions in 2002. This card game is much related to magic. Magic is amazing but it ends basically it is the game between duel deck and spare deck, duel deck always in top position. The game depends on skill and strategy rather than luck, the rules are very easy to learn and you must use lot of creativity compared to other trading card games and every duel is exciting.

World of war-craft trading card game:

Light-lanes, blurg firekin, nuada win-waker, slash-dance, anklet amber these are some of the main cards in this game. It is online card game this trading card game started in 2006, kicks players against each other one on one, presently they have discontinued this game. It is very similar to magic but with its own changes. All cards in this are fun.

Free Trading Card Google DOCS
Free Trading Card Google DOCS

Printable Trading Card Design Format

Yu gi oh duel monsters:

Duel monsters is a animated trading card game, where two duels sits in opposition to each other side and use monster spell the game has been played with numerous card designs. As 21st century started yu-gi-oh duel cards sold 25 billion cards it is the best card game according to Guinness book record. Sort of confusing at first, but when you get into it you understand it a lot more.

Vampire: the eternal struggle

Printable Trading Card Design Format
Printable Trading Card Design Format

These are the real vampire’s game, vampire the masquerade- bloodiness (video game) created in 2004. Designed in 1994 vampire sets world of darkness. vampires from different planets. This trading card game played between two duels. It is unique game there is no limit to possibility, such a clever way of duelling. It is awesome game with cool mechanics and they listen what players want as well.