Best 3+ Character Bio Template Format Excel

Along these lines, making a Character Bio Template account is very critical and will assist you in building your story. Obviously, you need to begin composing. Be that as it may, enjoy this reprieve and begin by characterizing the qualities, highlights, and attributes of your characters first. Trust me, it will assist you in writing a superior story.

Character Bio Template

Mini Character Bios

A smaller than usual character bio is a one-sentence rundown of who that character is, for instance, “Bruce Wayne is an extremely rich person altruist who dresses like a Bat to retaliate for his folks’ demise at the handle of a criminal.” Your little character bio can help when you’re pitching your characters. In any case, in case you’re making a book of scriptures or treatment, you should need to compose a more drawn out character bio, so advancement officials know precisely what’s in store from the characters in your screenplay.


Character Bio Template should include:

  • Individual data

This one is truly simple. What would it be a good idea for us to think about your character? Stature, weight, hair, individual style – give us the police portrayal of our identity taking a gander at and why they catch everyone’s eye. Endeavor to maintain a strategic distance from prosaisms, for example, naming the ladies hot or delightful, and disclosing to us how solid the men are. Indeed, on the off chance that you have to portray a hero, perhaps they’re jacked and hot, however, go above and beyond. What else would we be able to think about them?

Character Bio Template
Character Bio Template
  • Qualities

Superman can jump tall structures in a solitary bound and is quicker than a speeding projectile. Elle Woods knows how to decorate. What is your character great at? A great deal of the story is going to concentrate on individuals beating things, and the best approach to arrange for that out is to perceive what they’re great at and ensure the obstructions ram into that. So select what you think your characters are great at and ensure that sparkles.

Character Bio Google Docs

  • Shortcomings

What’s your character’s kryptonite? Elle Woods depends a lot on what individuals think about her and doesn’t figure enough about what she can achieve. These shortcomings will help manage your story structure. Keep your character bio new by discussing your character has issues with so we have places for them to a bend.

  • Imperfections

While this may get mistaken for shortcomings, it’s somewhat more close to home. Possibly your shortcoming is kryptonite, yet a character blemish would be eager to spare everybody without setting aside the effort to spare yourself. Consider Peter Parker – his blemish is that he esteems being a saint over being a child, and that implies relinquishing a lot of his connections. This powerlessness to appear for his companions is a tremendous character imperfection. What’s more, on the off chance that we incorporate that in the character bio we will realize how to create our story, or even future films or television scenes, around this blemish.

Character Bio Google Docs
Character Bio Google Docs


  • Foundation

How might you portray the youth of the character?

Can you portray the high school long periods of the character?

How might you portray the adulthood of the character?

Character Profile Bio Template for Writing

  • Job and involvement of character

What’s the job of the character in the story?

How is the character presented?

What’s the first occasion when he is referenced in the story?

Character Profile Bio Template for Writing
Character Profile Bio Template for Writing



They help adorn your character’s attributes and help in character improvement and mapping out your character’s circular segment. The bio should give the individual understanding it an approach by interface with the character.