Daily Class Schedule Template for teachers

Best 5+ Class Schedule template Word Excel

Class schedule is an important part of study management. Students usually keep a time table of their classes in Schools and Colleges. Creating a class schedule template is an easy task if you know how to do it.

Time management is necessary for everyone including students and teachers. If you have proper schedule for your activities then you can perform the tasks effortlessly. Also, you will be able to manage the time. A class schedule can be useful for making a plan of attending classes as the timing and room number will be mentioned on it. Moreover, you can use a class schedule in many ways. But make sure that you are making a suitable schedule with appropriate information in it. In this article you will know about creating the class schedule with examples, samples and Template.

Why do you Need This Class Schedule Template?

We usually do not have enough time to create a plan from the beginning. We can sue various kind of templates in which we just need to fill the details. The layout of these schedules can be used again and again when we want. So using the templates is best option for all of us. Here are some of the useful features of the templates provided by us.

  • These class schedule templates will help you in organizing your time between the classes appropriately.
  • You can track your activities suitably by marking off important details like tests, meetings post-it notes, and events on these templates.
  • With the help of these templates, you can organize research and study time very well. Fill the time slots given in the sheet and plan your daily activities accordingly.
  • A class schedule template is easy to use. You can use it online or take the print of it.
Weekly Class Schedule Format


Class Schedule template

How to Easily Create Class Schedules Using Excel

College and school life consist of many exciting, fun and memorable moments for all of us. However, not only parties or spring break excites the students but also grades, projects, papers and research are the main memory for them. Organizing the schedule is not easy for them. It is really difficult for them to handle their studs and personal life. Well, the schedule can be helpful for these students. Creating a class schedule manually will be a difficult process if you are doing it on paper. Use the excel worksheet for creating this schedule and then take a print if your find it necessary.

Class Schedule Template


Class Schedule Template PDF

Create Schedules with Free Excel Template

WE have provided this template to help you in creating an ideal schedule for your studies. WE have weekly, monthly and daily templates by using which you can create the schedule for month, week or day. These templates are beautiful and can be customized based on your requirement. IT can be used in schools, colleges or higher studies. Enter the data related to your class including the timings, break and other information.

Class Schedule Template PDF
Class Schedule Template PDF


Daily Class Schedule Template for teachers

Find the Balance between Party and Project

These templates are highly functional and designed professionally for the students. The colorful and black tables in the sheet allow you to enter the activities related to the different timing zone of your day. You can schedule your take in such a way that they will not affect your personal life. Well, students usually face dilemma of attending the party during their projects. Well, if you organize your time of creating projects then you will find the time for hanging out and party with friends. These templates will be a wonderful companion.

Daily Class Schedule Template for teachers
Daily Class Schedule Template for teachers


Free Class Schedule Word Format

Set Your Priorities

The activities must be listed on their priority basis. If you are having examination then makes your studies a priority and leaves the other activities for some time. You can write this down on the schedule so that you will be determined of doing studies on that particular time. You can save these templates in your device by clicking on the save file button.

Free Class Schedule Template Word
Free Class Schedule Template Word



There are lots of things like organizing classes and examination schedule which is important for students. Many schools and colleges provide class schedule to the students in which the timings of classes is written. But these time tables are just a paper piece for the students. Managing the class time is necessary as it helps in studying more efficiently. The school students generally use these templates but college students seems t avoid these time tables. But they need manage class and time so that they can enjoy their college life too. They can save the time for writing assignment, modules and projects. Our Class schedule template is available in various formats. Save these templates and share this article with others on Twitter Pinterest, Facebook and more.