Competitiv Analysis Template

Best 3+ Competitive Analysis Template Format PDF

Competitive Analysis Template is the method of studying nature of competition. In every business competition is very important, without competition we cannot evaluate positions of companies. Two types of competitors, Direct competitors and indirect competitors according to their products

Competitive analysis is management related to marketing and also involves strategic, it involves in what moves your competitors going to take. It is all about identifying and evaluating strategies to determine competitor’s strengths and weaknesses that rivals of the industry.

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Competitive Analysis Template

According to portal there are four rival’s likely strategic moves that characterize along the dimensions:

  • Current strategy
  • Objectives
  • Capabilities
  • Assumptions

Questions to consider include:

  • What is the basis for advantage of business?
  • How is competitor positioned in the market?

What kind of investments in technology, resources while manufacturing process?

Competitiv Analysis Template
Competitiv Analysis Template

Competitive Analysis Chart Template

In objectives include financial objectives and also strategic objectives. If there is any good financial performance continue its strategy towards organisation,If the rivalsof the any company’s financial is not good then you change the objectives.

Capabilities include the competitors of same product of their strategic and countermoves same product both enabled and constrained by set of capabilities they have at hand, the efforts to require new capabilities services to teach transform actions.

Competitive Analysis Chart Template
Competitive Analysis Chart Template


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Startup Competitive Analysis Format

In assumptions you should include we should include organisations assumptions itself and other industries participate in. Studying competitors’ past behaviour provides a valuable assist in anticipating what moves the competitors are likely going to make.

Startup Competitive Analysis Format
Startup Competitive Analysis Format

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Some benefits of competitive analysis are:

  • It will help’s in decision making.
  • We can determine strengths and weaknesses of our company as well as other companies which are competitors also.
  • Opportunities in the market and the position in the place where your goods are sold called market place and you can know what is the position of your competitors in the market place.