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What is the curriculum vitae template?


For applying certain types of jobs in any organization, you need curriculum vitae, commonly referred to as “CV” in which you represent your educational history, training history, certifications, publications, awards, honors, professional experience, skills, and other achievements. It describes the whole course of your career in detail. It usually contains two or three pages but could be extended if necessary.


Curriculum Vitae Template


The importance of Curriculum Vitae (CV): 


Curriculum vitae are essential and valuable because they are your first and only direct communication with a potential employer. So curriculum vitae should be carefully thought out, designed, and written so that it makes a positive impact on key decision-makers. When a key decision-maker looks at your curriculum vitae, they should be able to gain a clear indication of your potential and experiences quickly. Bear in mind that your curriculum vitae is grammatically errored free and focused as it reflects you as a person.

Curriculum Vitae Template
Curriculum Vitae Template


 Simple Curriculum Vitae Template Word

Important critical points for Curriculum Vitae (CV):


A curriculum vitae should clearly describe some below-mentioned points as your curriculum vitae is a marketing tool, and you are selling yourself and your abilities to employers.


– It should reflect a positive outlook.

– Clearly describing your strengths, abilities that are most relevant to the job you are applying for.

– Describing your potential as a future potential employee.

Simple Curriculum Vitae Template Word
Simple Curriculum Vitae Template Word


 Professional Curriculum Vitae Template Free

What should a Curriculum Vitae (CV) contain?


A curriculum vitae will be made up of many sections; these may vary depending on the length and breadth of a candidate career. The most essential and fundamental parts that every curriculum vitae should contain are;


– Personal summary & career objective.

– Career history

– Academic qualifications.

– Areas of expertise

– References

Professional Curriculum Vitae Template Free
Professional Curriculum Vitae Template Free


Curriculum Vitae Template PDF

Curriculum vitae template (CV), a useful tool:


Apart from applying for jobs, a curriculum vitae is also had other valuable aspects, such as:

– It reminds you that what you have done in your career.

– It helps you to identify your weaknesses in your skills, work, and experience of qualifications.

– It refreshes your mind before a job interview.

– Setting the tone for any future discussions.


With some people a misconception that a curriculum vitae will get you a job, this is a misunderstanding. No company will offer a position to any candidate by just looking at their curriculum vitae. Companies only use curriculum vitae’s to decide whom to interview. A curriculum vitae is helping you to win an interview, and it should be written with only that objective in mind.

Curriculum Vitae Template PDF
Curriculum Vitae Template PDF


Curriculum Vitae sample format

Keep your curriculum vitae short and only include factual information that is relevant to the position or accomplishment that you feel the employer would be interested in. You can be the best qualified and most suitable candidate for a job. Still, if your curriculum vitae is disorganized and doesn’t highlight your essential abilities, you will probably be skipped. To be shortlisted for a position your curriculum vitae should clearly show:

– Quality

– Usefulness

– Relevancy

– Clarity

Curriculum Vitae sample format
Curriculum Vitae sample format


You can also add an “Other information” section at the end of your curriculum vitae. Anything that didn’t fit anywhere else can go there. Within that section you can end with a note, for example:


           “Thank you for taking the time to read and consider this application. It is a summary of a wealth of experience, so please reach out if you have any query or require any information”



Keep your curriculum vitae template (CV) updated:


As you go through your career and gain new qualifications and skills, it is therefore essential that you keep your curriculum vitae updated. Modify your curriculum vitae accordingly by adding new experiences and new skills that you have gained. You can add a footer that says “Last updated” and also adds custom page counter.




A curriculum vitae template is a comprehensive history of your career, skills, and academic qualifications. Putting all your work in just two concise pages can be a little confusing. A curriculum vitae should be written with the most essential thing at the beginning and the lesser important at the end.