Genogram Template

Best 3+ Genogram Template Format EXCEL

Genogram Template is a family guide or history that utilizes unique images to portray connections, real occasions, and the elements of a family over different ages. Consider it a very definite family tree. Psychological wellness and therapeutic experts regularly use genograms to distinguish examples of mental and physical sicknesses, for example, wretchedness, bipolar confusion, malignant growth, and other hereditary maladies. To start a genogram you should talk with relatives first. At that point, you can utilize standard genogram images to make a graph that records your family’s specific history.

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Genogram Template

Ventures of making a genogram

You make a genogram in three fundamental advances:

  • A general framework of family structure
  • The memory of essential data about an individual’s family
  • The portrayal of family connections.
Genogram Template
Genogram Template

The framework of the family structure is the first and most essential stage. Here you’ll build up the natural and legitimate connections between various individuals from the family. There is a gathering of set images to show these connections.

At that point you’ll include the accompanying information into the family data area:

  • Statistic data (dates of birth and passing, training level, wedding and separation dates, and so forth).
  • Data on the dimension of usefulness (general information about the usefulness of the individuals: would they say they are useful, to what degree, and why?).
  • Significant family occasions.

In the third stage, you portray the subtleties of the family connections. Here you by and by buildup the connections between individuals. Yet, for this situation, you don’t stress over the natural or lawful associations. You center on the mental connections.

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Genogram Template Google Docs


  1. Decide the motivation behind the genogram

The principal activity is to figure out what the reason for the genogram will be. Obviously, they all have to do with data about an individual’s family ancestry and family condition. In any case, you can utilize that data from various perspectives. Now and again the information you get is incredibly valuable for specialists. Family ancestry is additionally a hereditary history and causes you envision acquired physical qualities and shortcomings. Genograms additionally incorporates significant data about repeating or basic enthusiastic issues in a family. They might be mental examples gotten and spread through the family condition.

Genogram Template Google Docs
Genogram Template Google Docs

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  1. Settle on the quantity of ages you’ll dissect

It’s imperative to give yourself a practical objective. In a perfect world, you’ll begin with three ages, however that is not constantly conceivable. There are families where a whole age has vanished, or they don’t have contact with certain individuals. There are different situations where contact with different ages is done in a roundabout way. At the end of the day, you can just get data about a relative through what other individual’s state about them. This may result in a predisposition. Here, it’s ideal to discover different wellsprings of data to confirm the exactness of what they state.


  1. Make a survey to accumulate data

This is a standout amongst the most essential advances and it relies upon the reason you chose. What it implies is coming up inquiries to assemble the data you requirement for your genogram.


Free Genogram Word 


  1. Do inquire about in the field

Not all genograms dive as deep as others. Some attention on clear angles while others go further into one or numerous perspectives. This will for the most part rely upon the immediate data you’re ready to get. What this progression is about is getting into contact with conceivable wellsprings of data. It’s vital to remember that not every person needs to discuss their own story. That is the reason, in the first place, you need to comprehend that it may be diligent work that will take persistence.

  1. Assemble report based data

Letters, photographs, recordings, and some other family-related reports will in the end be extremely useful. You may locate an essential snippet of data in an ID card, an agreement, or a restorative solution.

Free Genogram Word Download
Free Genogram Word
  1. Utilize institutionalized images

These days there are formats for making genograms. They’re pre-made structures that have all that you’ll have to arrange the data you accumulate. There are additionally PC programs that make it simpler.

Analyze it

Dissecting a genogram is an innovative and frequently interesting activity. It begins as an assessment of how exactly everything is in your perception. In the event that you have any questions about any snippet of data, it’s ideal to demonstrate so or see whether it’s valid.