Free 2+ Gingerbread Man Template PDF Word

If we state the literal meaning of the word “template” we get to know that it is defined as a rigid piece or material which is used to cut out a particular pattern or shape. Here when we look at the title given above the first thing that pops in our mind is the Gingerbread Man Template image that we have. This image is something that we can relate with Christmas. That is the time we see these kind of cookies. It is a symbolic or a ritual to make them. The shapes of gingerbread changed with the season, including the flowers in the spring and birds in the fall. Gingerbread houses first originated in Germany during the 16th century. The elaborated cookie-walled houses, decorated with foils in addition to golden leaf became the Christmas tradition.


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Gingerbread Man Template

The symbolic meaning of an oven is the symbol of birth or transformation of life. We cook food in the oven to get the end result of our master piece cooking. In the story according to the christians the gingerbread man springs out of the oven alive and transformed from a piece of gingerbread to a live, gingerbread man.

Gingerbread Man Template
Gingerbread Man Template


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Why Do We Eat Gingerbread on Christmas ?

Ginger bread houses said to be originated in the Medival England Ginger bread was usually made moldedout in any shape and size, . It is believed that these iconic and tasty men date back to the time of Queen Elizabeth I of England. She had baked them for some guests who has to come over and it is said that she managed to create the most amazing unique party favor ever. It is also believed that the women back then ate these ginger bread men to try and increase their chances of attracting other men.

free printable gingerbread man template
free printable gingerbread man template


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According to epicure and culture ,gingerbread was sacred , and the only time it was allowed to be made by the general public was either on Christmas or Easter, and that’s the reason why it seems to be  a Christmas delight. Therefore certain things hold religious sentiments. It all started with the baking treat for the guests and now it has developed into a Christmas tradition. There are many stories regarding this issue believe the ones that suit you 😉

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