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Humans always found chaos and mess undesirable and plainly annoying. The need to tidy up and organize stuff is a part of the fundamental human nature. Ancestral humans too organized and stacked up items of existential importance like food, fodder and clothes. Systematic arrangement of commodities and things around them give people a sense of efficiency and effectiveness. This is the primary cause why humans insisted on easing their access to stuff by organizing them. Organized files and folders provide easy access and reduce the necessary time in retrieving the same. Indexing is the process of arranging and organizing stuff according to a certain pattern or criteria like alphabetic order, color, genre, and so on. Index Card Template are the cards usually made of pasteboard or cover stock, in specific standard sizes the most common being 3×5 inches, to index items.

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Index Card Template

Index cards are also known as ‘system cards’. They are available in many shapes, sizes and varieties. As the sole purpose of the cards is to easy the process of indexing, the different commercial variants available ensure that index cards suitable for any specifications and requirements are available in the market to the consumer. The other popular sizes include 4×6 inches and 5×8 inches. The system was first commenced by Carl Linneaus in 1760. Some More Templates are there :- Table Tent Word TemplateApproval Letter FormatPrintable Address Book TemplateBill of Sale Sample

Index Card Template
Index Card Template

Free Index Card Format Microsoft Word

Index cards can be used to write down bits and pieces of essential information, store concise, precise data and also access them quicker. A collection of such index cards provide us with a specific index which can help us look-up information required faster. Commercial index cards come in different varieties being plain, unruled, ruled and patterned. They also come in different hues and colors, making color coding possible, it gives visual identification boost. Catalogues with protruding tabs, where tabs are made of plastic material are also fairly popular. Index cards were very widely used but due to the digitization and computerization all cataloging has been computerized and made much more efficient and quicker. Index cards are still in use due to their versatility and aesthetic appeal. These cards can be used in homes, school, offices and organizations. Some More Templates are there :- Rent Receipt SampleCoat of Arms SampleComic StripIncome Statement, Letter to the Editor, Letter of Introduction

Free Index Card Format Microsoft Word
Free Index Card Format Microsoft Word


Sample of Index Card Template Google Docs

Be it writing down important notes, contact details, references, or citations for a research paper index cards become very handy. Library cataloging greatly depended on these index cards to organize all the vast amount of books into sections, all segregated using these index cards. But as digitization won over index cards are being replaced with computerized catalogue. Index card holders accompany the cards and are neatly arranged in them. Index cards were signature items in the history all libraries and even the internet. The vast opportunity of connecting people through a common platform like library was a dream which came true by the invention of internet. Some More Templates are there :-

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Sample of Index Card Template Google Docs
Sample of Index Card Template Google Docs


Index Card Templates Free

These templates are designed cards in different colors. Save the cards free from this section. These beautiful templates are suitable for everyone. You can use these card sheets for various purposes.

Index card Templates
printable Index card Template
Simple Index card Sheets

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The ideology of Index Card Template gave way to all these new horizon of opportunities. Thousands of plants and animals were labelled and their taxonomical information were stacked and segregated through the index cards manually. The legacy of index cards stand the test of time. Index card templates give us an idea about the index cards. These templates help us visualize and imagine how the index cards are supposed to be prepared and used.