Best 5+ Information Security Policy template PDF

A security policy could be any single document or the set of documents. These documents contain the details of security controls and control the activities, behaviors and system of the organization. If you do not know anything about the security policy then using an Information security policy template is best for you. These templates will describe the conditions which will help you in protecting the assets of company. The information of the company is the crucial element. If the information is leaked then the company may face difficult situations.


Information security policy template

A good security policy template should consider following concerns:

  • the prevention of wastes
  • the inappropriate use of the organization’s resources
  • elimination of potential legal liabilities
  • The protection of the organization’s valuable information
Information security policy template
Information security policy template


Information security policy Document

Types of security policy template

A security policy is the best choice for protecting the information belonging to the company. It doesn’t matter what is the nature of company, they may have different security issues. There are many factors which could be responsible for this situation.

Here are some of the factors:

  • Improper sharing and transferring of data.
  • network security breach
  • Property damage and more.

Nowadays, Threat to the company’s data is common but the company’s having the security policy can reduce the risk of these kinds of issues.

Information security policy Document
Information security policy Document


Free Information security policy template for small business

If you want to keep your company data protected then you must create a foolproof security policy. There is much kind of security policy templates you can make for each kind of company. So let’s start exploring these templates.

Most of the companies are depended on the computers and their data is stored in these devices. So the risk of cyber attack is obvious. Here are some types of templates:

Information security

It provides the policies for protecting information at schools and the stakeholders. The management or other important people develop these policies for school. They try their best to safeguard the valuable information of the school.

Data security

The data security policy protects the data stored in device such as Computers and servers. It will describe Password and computer security features. It can also deal with and Email, data backup, and internet usage or more.

Free Information security policy template for small business
Free Information security policy template for small business


Information security policy template PDF

Network security

This template is designed for specific policies. The policies will focus on protecting the confidentiality, integrity, and accessibility of the network. Also, it will define the accountability of securing network.

Physical security

Physical Security of the assets and resources is important as it protects them from damage. It can help in establishing the potential security risks. Our template will provide the information regarding protection from risks at lower cost.

Corporate security

This template ensures that the protection of person, company assets and capital. Also, it allows the developers to make preventive security strategy.

The templates shared above are the common templates you can create. Also, you can save your time by saving  and using the templates shared by using this article.

Information security policy template PDF
Information security policy template PDF


Sample Information security policy

What should a security policy template contain?

The template must contain the policies aiming to secure the company’s interest. You can use any security template for this solution. It will protect the network, hardware, software and more.

It must include the elements which are required by company according to the cyber requirements. The employees can also be allowed to document the security breach appropriately.

You can create the template for the company or get it from our website. WE have provided the high range of the security policy templates which you can use without any extra cost.

Sample Information security policy template
Sample Information security policy template



An information security policy template is essential for the sake of company. WE have observed that the cyber attacks have increased over a period of time. Now every company want to be secure form such threats. Also, there are many other dangers of information leaking which could affect the company’s goodwill. So the protection from these kinds of threats is mandatory. Our template are available in various formats which you can save for free and use them according to your requirement. These templates are available in different categories so select these templates wisely depending on your need. I hope this article has provided you enough information about information security policy template. If you want more templates then visit other articles on this site. Thanks for reading.