Instagram Story Template

Best 3+ Instagram Story Template Format Word

Instagram Story Template is one of the mobile application’s, it is a brand name of a photo sharing and social media software application launched in 2010. In now a days most of the people use and prefer Instagram rather than Facebook, Snap- chat etc. Instagram is developed by Facebook, it’s initial release is on October 6, 2010 9 years ago. In android the size of the Instagram is approximately 40mb.

Instagram Story Template


  • Get instagram app from play store, open it.
  • Create an account or else if you have account in it mean do login by using username and password.
  • After opening on the top of the page click on your story, camera is opened just swipe up you can see gallery pictures.
  • Select which photo or short video you want to upload by long touch, instagram have a facility if you want to change any shades in the picture you choose which shade you want, you can write a text, you can emoji’s signs to express your feelings.
  • After completing editing click on done. And send it.
  • It will be uploaded in your story, it is very simple.
  • You can see story up- to 24 hours, and we can see story how many hours ago it is uploaded.
  • In instagram story you can see how many people viewed your story from all of your followers.
Instagram Story Template
Instagram Story Template

Free Instagram Story Format

Tips and tricks for instagram stories:

  • You should pick a solid background, you can choose what ever colour you want in the screen.
  • Use more colours, to get more colours for your text is press on the dots which you want. Hold gradients of colours, it is so awesome and so simple. Use can use to your text or background where ever you want.
  • Text drop shadow, it is basically how to get drop on your text, make your text in one colour and then your going to keep exact same text in story which colour you want literally you are to going to place dark colour and the shadow is opposite colour to that text.
Free Instagram Story Format 
Free Instagram Story Format

Instagram Story PDF

  • Selfie sticker, pick any one of your pictures from your gallery, special some one that you know thinking about you at that time you can select sticker in the middle you can click small selfie on somewhere on your picture.
  • Zoom like a boss, how to zoom any object really quickly. Hold your figure slide it up and down on screen by holding, you can zoom that pictures.
  • Location tagging, when you visit any place you can tag your friends and clicking on location where you were, it automatically gets location of the place. Cool way to get new followers.
Instagram Story Download PDF
Instagram Story PDF
  • Mute them, how to mute some one from your story, hold down their stories and click on mute option. You won’t see any of their stories.
  • Block them, if any followers you don’t like just block them by opening their profile.
  • You can pause- play and rewind stories also.

People really enjoys in Instagram stories, pictures and followers. We can also find new friends from the world.