Jeopardy Template

Best 3+ Jeopardy PowerPoint Template Format

Jeopardy Template A great deal of connecting with intuitive applications can be made in PowerPoint to gamify your e-Learning knowledge. Playing Jeopardy is dependably a great deal of fun. Besides, every time you see those tiles with classes and distinctive numbers, you can’t quit thinking about all the nostalgic minutes throughout your life when you saw it on TV and were continually speculating with the players, “What’s the right answer? Am I right or wrong?” It places you in the player’s shoes, regardless of whether you aren’t a visitor on the show.

Presently, with current innovation, you can make this diversion without anyone else in around 10-20 minutes sans preparation and play it with your companions! In this article, you will discover how to make a Jeopardy amusement in PowerPoint. Make your very own pieces of information with pictures, sound, and video.

Likewise, you will see how it is produced using within with point by point well-ordered guidelines. As a little something extra, you will get a free Jeopardy format to play with.

Jeopardy Template


To make a Jeopardy diversion, we will utilize the accompanying highlights of PowerPoint:

  • A table to make the amusement board (or a framework) that indicates classes and score (or money esteem).
  • Hyperlinks to interface every determination on the lattice to the separate intimation slide.
  • Slide Master view to make bound together slides for hints and replies with a reliable structure.
  • To distribute the amusement in web configuration and offer it on the web, use:
  • PowerPoint to HTML5 converter to open your diversion in an internet browser on any gadget.
  • Cloud administration to share it online by means of a connection or install your amusement into your blog or site (like in this post).
Jeopardy Template
Jeopardy Template

Free Jeopardy Power Point Template

Stage 1: Create a Game Board

  1. Make another PowerPoint introduction and name the primary slide.
  2. Apply a topic to your introduction on the Design tab.
  3. Include another slide and add a table by heading off to the Insert tab > Table.
  4. Make a table with 5 segments and 5 lines.
  5. Recolor your amusement board to get an increasingly bona fide look. You will discover the paint can instrument called Shading in the Table Tools > Design tab.
  6. You can alter and make new slide formats in the Slide Master instrument.
  7. The format based methodology and utilization of the Slide Master see are especially imperative in the Jeopardy diversion, which has a great deal of comparative slides of two sorts:
  8. Intimation slide. Contains a sign content and an “Answer” catch to check the right answer.
  9. Right Answer slide. Contains the response to the separate sign and a “Home” catch to return to the diversion board.
Free Jeopardy Power Point Template
Free Jeopardy Power Point Template

Printable Best Jeopardy Word

Stage 2: Create a Clue and Correct Answer Layouts

The formats appeared above are as of now incorporated into the PowerPoint subject for the Jeopardy diversion.


Stage 3: Add All Slides and Link them to the Grid


Stage 4: Enhance your diversion

You can improve your amusement with sound and video, in addition to PowerPoint activities and slide changes. You are allowed to add any impacts you like to give an additionally captivating gaming background.

Printable Best Jeopardy Word
Printable Best Jeopardy Word

Test your Game

Ensure that each connection and other viewpoint is working appropriately. Begin your slideshow by clicking F5 (Slide Show > Start Slide Show) and play around with it. Check your hyperlinks in the network and ensure that they lead to address pieces of information.