John Jay academic calendar

John Jay academic calendar

The academic calendar of John Jay is shared here with the complete list of holidays and events. Save these calendars with all important dates and get updates of upcoming events. This John Jay academic calendar is designed for the year 2019. But you can get the calendars of other sessions too here. It is the best quality images which can’t be find on other sites. Many sites are giving the academic calendars of many colleges and schools. The quality of those calendars is not fine which means you can’t print these calendars on paper. The images are in HD quality which means you can easily take the print of the calendars. Have a look at these calendars and get in the device suitable for you. This is complete guide for the students who are studying in this college.

About John jay College

John Jay College is the public college located in New York City. IT is affiliated by Cluny university of New York. The college was established as only liberal college in New York providing criminal Justice and Forensic Studies. It is known for its forensic science, criminal justice, criminology, forensic psychology, and public affairs programs.

The college was founded in 1964 with the aim for giving forensic education to the students. Its first class started in 1965 and it was the only degree granting school of Police science. At first the name of school was College of Police Science but it suddenly changed to John Jay College. The name of the college was dedicated to John Jay, the first chief justice of United States Supreme Court. Also, he was one of the founding members of United States.


The college is committed to provide quality education to students. It is popular for Forensic Psychology, criminal justice studies and forensic science programs. It has an ideal student faculty ratio of 16:1. There are many in person, online and hybrid courses available for students. The faculty has almost 1100 faculty members with one third full time members.

Research Centers

  • Academy of Critical Incident Analysis
  • Center for Crime Prevention and Control
  • Center for Cybercrime Studies
  • Center on Terrorism
  • Christian Regenhard Center for Emergency Response Studies
  • CUNY Dispute Resolution Consortium
  • Center for International Human Rights
  • Research & Evaluation Center
  • Courses offered by College
  • Center on Media, Crime and Justice
  • Center on Race, Crime and Justice
  • Institute for Criminal Justice Ethics
  • Prisoner Reentry Institute- studies prisoner reentry

The college is providing many degree programs including bachelors, masters and doctoral degree and also the certificates. It also provides associate’s programs for the students pursuing in 2 year education from the college.

Student’s Life

Currently 13000 students are attending undergraduate course while 2000 are attending John Jay for graduation level studies. 95% students of the John jay college are in-state. And 75% students came from minority (21% black, 28% white, 12% Asian 39% Hispanic). The students come from over 130 nationalities. Almost 33% students are foreign born and half of the students can speak the language other than English. There are 52 students organizations actively present in Campus.


The college teams are active member of National Collegiate Athletic Association’s Division III. The following sports are included in the college

Fall: Women’s Volleyball, Women’s Tennis, Men’s and Women’s Soccer, Men’s and Women’s Cross Country

Winter: Women’s Swimming, Men’s and Women’s Basketball, Rifle and Cheerleading

Spring: Men’s Volleyball, Baseball, Softball, and Men’s Tennis

John Jay academic calendar

Parents of the students enrolled in any university are worries about their child’s performance. It can be improved if they properly use the academic calendar. These calendars have the correct details of holidays and other events. You can make schedule for your personal activities on the basis of this information. People from various countries visit this place to get the better education. Their dream comes true when the enrollment procedure completes. This is really a best idea to follow the academic calendar because you will be able to focus on the things when they need to be followed. With the help of these calendars get the correct information and improve your performance in all activities. Here are the calendar images which consist of the details. Save them in just single click and use it accordingly your need.

John Jay academic calendar
John Jay academic calendar

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John Jay academic calendar

Save the John Jay calendars for the Fall 2019 and the year 2019-2020. These calendars contains the details of holidays as well as the events. The Fall calendar for online and offline courses are given here. You can get these calendars in PDF format by clicking on Save File button. Use the calendars for getting details and information of the events and classes. The semester of Fall 2019 will start from 27 August. The session will end in the month of December. After that the next semester will begin in new year. have a look at these calendars. These calendars are given here in high quality images and the file format. But Printable Images of these calendars are suitable for everyone. Students can prepare for their examinations.

John Jay Academic calendar 2019-2020
John Jay Academic calendar 2019-2020


John Jay Academic Calendar Events
John Jay Academic Calendar Events


John Jay Academic Calendar Fall 2019


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John Jay College Calendar 2019-2020

Save the latest calendars of the sessionn 2019-2020. Here are Winter and Spring session calendars are available in PDF and JPG.

John Jay College Calendar Winter 2020
John Jay College Calendar Winter 2020


John Jay Academic calendar Spring 2020
John Jay Academic calendar Spring 2020


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Save your time by saving the academic calendar. Many activities which can be done within the limited time are best of all. If you want to save the calendars then they will help you in maintaining the time. Many people are looking for the academic calendars of John Jay. Everyone who is related to the college in any means search for the academic calendar. here we have shared the John Jay Academic calendar for year 2019. The calendars of other session years also given in this post. Select the right calendar from here and save it. The Smartphone and computer are the devices in which you can save these JPG file. You can also take the print of these calendars at anytime you want. Use the proper working printer for taking the print of calendar.

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