Letter of Introduction Template Example Format

Letter of Introduction Template

Introducing yourself didn’t seem to be easy when you are seeking for Job or approaching client. Letters make this process easier. But your letter must be more than just your introduction. We know that it is quite difficult to talk about your career and goals if you are meeting someone or talking for the first time. Networking has become big source for hiring he candidates. In this way of interview, your Letter of Introduction Template is the most convenient method to tell about yourself and goals. We know that most of the people are unaware of Introduction letter writing format so we have designed templates for their use.

Letter of Introduction Template Example Format
Letter of Introduction Template Example Format

What is the Use of Letter of Introduction?

This letter is useful for all kind of business purposes where you need to introduce yourself. A job seeker to business owners uses this letters for new opportunities. Our templates are versatile can be edited depending on the goals.  Here are some of the ways in which this letter can be used.

Letter of Introduction Sample
Letter of Introduction Sample


  • Job seekers: every person who is looking for a great job opportunity can use their letter for introducing him/her to the HR during Online interviews. Most of the people think that Resume and letter of Introduction format are identical. But this is not true; you can see the difference in the templates. Job seekers must keep this in mind.
  • Investors: Approaching the new clients and Investors is not as easy as it seems for the businesses. You need to provide the details of your target and persuade them for investment. This could be only done with the help of letter of Introduction.
  • Sales: when you want to sell services to other business then this letter is used as the first step for building relationship with them. Every business to business relation starts with these kinds of letters in which the introduction of company is given.
  • Freelancers: Building business as a freelancer is not easy as no one know you on a personal basis. Letter of Introduction are helpful for such people to interact with businesses and let them know about the work and experience in their respective field.

Tips for writing Letter of Introduction

Introduction letter become easy to write when you know the basics of writing the letter. The format of letter is mandatory but also you should take care of some points to make your letter more interesting to read. Here are some of the tips for you.

  • Make the letter easy to understand with clear message. Write in brief but do not leave any point that can describe your idea well. The scheme that is coming into your mind must be discussed with the party.
  • Be informal to some extant but do not lose the professionalism. You could use some words to make your letter slightly informal. Starting a business with other party is not easy as you have to make them feel good and comfortable first.
  • Contact and other details must be given accurately. This information is must for getting response from the party.
  • Use templates for writing the letter if do not know much about the pattern. Customize the templates and use them in the way you want to use.

You can save the file, make changes, save and print the letter for free. Also these saved files can be sent through email to the employer or related person. This Letter of Introduction Template can be used in many ways by people belonging to different field.

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