Best 15+ Long Division Worksheet

The Long division is the mathematical concept so here we learn that it is similar to division but here some complexity is more as compared to normal division. Long Division worksheet are the worksheet which would help the children’s or any person to know how to divide the numbers having digit more than 3. As you all know that everyone is not born with the knowledge in the world all will gain by the leaning the things and through the experience. So, here we are today for getting the things clearer by practicing on the things. It’s a start so focus proper here to get the things and clearer also.


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Long Division Worksheet

Symbol of division and how it is use

If we have to divide two number like 440 with 20, we will get result 22 we will use sign “/” for the division.  When we have to do division of the number, we have to use this symbol. When we will practice, we will be got aware of the sign and there will be no confusion. Division worksheet are great source for students to learn about this mathematical concept.

Long Division Worksheet
Long Division Worksheet


This worksheet has following topics which is different from simple division

Single-digit divisor   

1 Digit Divisor long Division Worksheet
1 Digit Divisor long Division Worksheet


Two-digit divisor  

2 Digit Divisor Division Worksheets
2 Digit Divisor Division Worksheets


Three-digit divisors 

3 Digit Divisor Long Division Worksheets
3 Digit Divisor Long Division Worksheets


Why Long Division Worksheet?

We need this worksheet to help students to learn about the concept of division and deep knowledge required is must in this.  In today time net is becoming great source of knowledge many games, tests and worksheet is available which help in learning about mathematical concept i.e.  addition, subtraction, division and many more.  In today time children are also becoming smart they like to play games so games can be the way to teach children about different concepts.

Decimal Long Division Worksheet

We need the division worksheet for the students to learn about the sum of the things and for future perspective also. There are lots of fast test or we say worksheet complete in limited time so it will help the child to put stress on mind or making mind sharp so by this if in future he get the problem like that he will solve in seconds or he also feel that past will benefit now. Focus on the work you have given will always help in future as you see here in the example above. As you all know that there is only advantage if you use this worksheet because there is lot of problems were there to practice as you need that as well as important also.

Decimal Long Division Worksheet
Decimal Long Division Worksheet




We have provided some tips how children become aware about the division concept which are as follows:

  • First of all, talk about the word division with children what is the meaning of it and what are its symbol and how it is use for calculations.
  • Use some visual aids which help them to understand the concept of division which can be done by games on different sites.
  • After trying few division problems with your child, now provide them some problem to solve them. Don’t tell them anything just give them chance to do it yourself you just supervise them and provide assistance when children really needed it.
  • There is one important thing you have to remember is that you just praise your child for their efforts and encourage them for more good practice.


Free Long Division Math Worksheets

We are providing different worksheet regarding this topic are as follows: –

  • Single or multi digit division worksheet

Multi Digit Long Division Worksheets
Multi Digit Long Division Worksheets


  • Short division worksheet

Short Division Worksheets
Short Division Worksheets


  • Long division worksheet

Long Division Worksheets Download
Long Division Worksheets


  • Missing number division worksheet

Missing Number Long Divison Worksheets
Missing Number Long Division Worksheets


  • Horizontal division worksheet

Horizontal Long Division Worksheet
Horizontal Long Division Worksheet


Here are above different types of problems which you are come to know  by going through one topic at a time then after completing  all topic one time then you will go with complex  one by mixing all topic in one worksheet so that you come to understand topic properly by solving advance or high level worksheet.


These 4th grade worksheets have practice worksheets for the development of mental division skills ranging from simple division math facts to division 3-digit by 1-digit numbers. All the complex division of number is called the mental division here.

Division                                                                                              Example

1. Division facts practice between tables 10-1000                                     888 / 4 =

2. Division facts practice between tables 1-12                                           888 / 8 =

3. Division facts practice – missing dividend or divisor                              630 / _ = 9

4. Division by whole tens                                                                             400 / 10 =

5. Division by 10 or 100                                                                              500 / 100 =

Above are some examples of the mental division for full practice worksheet you have to save by link given below. There are lots of more complex problems were there practice and develop yourself as much you can.


Long Division Worksheet for Grade 4 and Grade 5

We provide the printable worksheet for the teachers also. So, here is a graphic preview for all the division worksheets. You can customize these division worksheets by select different variables to customize these division worksheets for your needs. The division worksheets are created randomly and will never repeat so you have an endless supply of quality division worksheets to use in the classroom or at home.  These Division worksheets are free to get , easy to use, and very flexible.

For Grade 4:

Long Division Worksheet For Grade 4


For Grade 5:

Long Division Worksheets For Grade 5


Printable worksheet is provided to the students and it is available in PDF and HTML format with answer key. This worksheet is available for kindergarten students of Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3, Grade 4, Grade 5.


Printable Long Division Worksheets

As you know that sometimes we are not able to do the things on PC or computers we want hard copy of the worksheets so we can save and try .So, there is printable Phonic worksheet also so if needed save  by click on the “save” or get PDF“button”. It is available in many formats like pdf, word etc. Answer would be on the next page you will first complete the worksheet then you check and verify the answer it would help you in checking your gained knowledge. You also practice online by simply clicking on the “start” button after your completion of the worksheet you will click on the “submit” button then wait for a while and the result will be shown on the screen either clear or not if you passed the worksheet then go for the next worksheet by click on the “Next” button.

Printable Long Division Worksheet


We mean that answer key is also provide on next page or at the end of the topic after completion of the worksheet you can check out the answers whether it is correct or not. Children can practice online by games, test after click on start button and after completion click on submit button and later can check out the results.



Long Division Game Worksheet

Finally, you are at the end of this Long Division Worksheet. We hope that you have achieved the things what is given in the worksheet. You can also generate your own worksheet also according to your level of knowledge means there is division of long numbers as wells for small but its little bit tough so for that there will be separate worksheet also but if you want some hybrid worksheet it means mixture of simple and tough questions so it will help you a lot for the intermediate student who has already achieved  some of the tricks of subtraction. Before starting the worksheet, you have to create an account on the website or page so it will save your worksheets as well as the results you have achieved by completing the levels.

Long Division Game Worksheet


Long Division game Worksheets
Long Division game Worksheets


So, in future you will open your account you will not lose your data of previous worksheet completed it will help you if your forgot something then you can easily remember by this. We provide a lots of simple and best worksheet for the students or adults if they want so please use and follow the terms and condition while start the  worksheet so you will solve the problem easily and got the concept also otherwise you are stuck in the problem while solving the worksheet.


We are here to provide you important information regarding the  worksheet if you feel we are not giving right or we left something so please help us to improve that or new things also added which we forgot so please always be truthful and give your respect ed comments to make the article quality good as we are doing now but after your opinions we improve more and get the things so it will help us to gain knowledge also. After you are reading this article, we know it’s not too long, but you will gain more knowledge from this article. There is nothing in this world which is too hard all will be easy when you use them. Because you have internet learn anything like you are here to learn about  the division.

Finally, we are at the end of the article thanks for reading this article we hope that you like it and if you like then please share with your friends if you feel that it will help other also. Thank You for reading this please give us a feedback so we can make all this thing more better according to you.