Magazine Cover Template

Best 3+ Magazine Cover Template Format PDF

Magazine Cover Template”A periodical publication generally consisting sheets of paper folded in half and stapled at fold. It is ammunition store house. In other terms it is a chamber in a fire arm enabling multiple rounds of ammunition to be fed into fire arm. The common parts of a magazine cover.

How to create Magazine cover?

Magazine Cover Template

The common parts of a fashion magazine, of course not all magazine does not have all these effects or cover these whole elements, and emphasis given to them vary in design using layers and using layers panel.

  • Open photoshop, save or insert which picture you want make it as magazine cover.
  • Click on layers option which is left side of the page there you can find many layouts click on which colour and design layout you want, choose it and click on ok button.
  • Magazines like national geographic, time, monocle etc. have borders surrounding images, monocle magazine rather than using a single image it uses many images or grid of images.
  • The picture maybe a foreface or whole picture or a shot, a picture can specifically choice of cover image in the next moving.
  • Next cut-out mask head or tittle of cover page it can create either in photoshop and then copied and pasted into design.Magazine Cover Template

Magazine Cover Template

Free Magazine Cover Photoshop

some more steps:

  • The conventional list of mast head it should be fixed, consistent for easy identification. Some magazines placed it a flat field of contrasting colour.
  • Well most magazines like ray-gun, wall-paper, news-week etc. use consistent head, it is possible mast head we can make them transparent in back-ground with cover image.
  • Popular magazines use famous celebrities for their cover page so that they can attract people expand their business.
  • Overlap is also created on a separate line. Cover lines are arranged around the image in the magazine. Competition use this as advantage they use different cover lines hope-fully without distracting that image.
  • The colours of the cover lines are suggested according to the cover image or picture. It is important that cover lines should be readable even that are over or surrounded that image and have key-words in the what does that magazine contains.
  • The cover lines should have kicker, large font and explanatory line in a small font. Some magazines they produce main edition and subscription edition. Some magazines produce all components in one edition these happens when magazines instantly recognisable.
Free Magazine Cover Photoshop
Free Magazine Cover Photoshop

Magazine Cover Design format PDF

Now, your magazine cover page is ready.

Some of the famous magazines are:

  • National geography, it is a monthly published American magazine, this magazine focuses science, history and geography of the world.
  • The watch-ower is biggest magazine in the world.
  • Awake is a bi-monthly magazine and it focuses on religious articles.
  • Game informer is a monthly published American magazine, it mainly focuses on video games and various news strategies and reviews related to it.
Magazine Cover Design format PDF
Magazine Cover Design format PDF
  • Better homes and gardens is monthly published magazine, this magazine about cooking, interior designing, entertaining and healthy living.
  • Readers digest is a family magazine which is published 10 times every year.
  • Family circle is a monthly published home magazine.