Best 3+ Papel Picado Template Format


Papel Picado Template means hand crafted design you generally make with papers, tissues. These papel picado used for decorating places and now a days papel picado jewellery is also available, that looks so attractive.

Example of How to make a papel picado?

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Papel Picado Template

  • Take two pieces of white or colour paper which are rectangle in shape.
  • Keep it on the table, fold it into half make sure that edges should be equal, again you should fold with equal edge, don’t pick it up from the table.
  • Fold it one more time, total three times you should fold the paper with equal edges.
  • You do the same thing with the other paper also but you should fold four times. One is three folds and other is four folds.
  • We are going start with three folds, take a scissor make a stair step, stair step means ‘V’ shaped one.
  • You should do many halves V shape cut of folded paper.
  • Do same with other paper, remove the folds we can find diamond shape design through- out the papers.
  • One paper with small diamond shape and other is big, how many V shape cut you have done you will find that many diamonds shaped wholes or design in the paper.
  • Now your papel picado is ready, you can attach them to walls of your rooms or top of the room where ever you want.
Papel Picado Template
Papel Picado Template

Free Papel Picado Format PDF

We can make different designs if you are experienced then you can make beautiful difficult and complex designs and you can sell it we can make business with it.

Now a days these hand- crafted designs are becoming more famous, demand is increasing people like papel picado compared to plastic or other material designs, it is a type of embroidery design we can make many designs with the help of scissor.

Free Papel Picado Format PDF
Free Papel Picado Format PDF


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How to Make Papel Picado DOCS

It is a traditional Mexican folk art, with papel picado people now a days used for weddings, birthdays, house warming ceremonies and festivals. With low budget we can excellent decoration. Mexican people use papel picado for their weddings, it is a theme of cut out designs.

How to Make Papel Picado DOCS
How to Make Papel Picado DOCS


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Artisans who make this art as their professional one study years to learn to make papel picado in traditional form. It is also known as ‘CUT PAPER’, ‘PERFORATED PAPER’.

Some of the common themes include birds, animals, skeletons and floral designs.