Best 3+ Paper Airplane Template Download

A Paper Airplane Template, paper airplane, paper glider, paper dart or dart is a toy aircraft, usually a glidermade out of folded paper or Paperboard .

How to make a paper airplane?

The Paper Airplane Template  flies as fast and far as you can throw it, although it is not very stable during or while flying. It is a true a small, slender missile that is pointed at one end and usually feathered at the other end and very streamlined. The folds are very compact in this design, and accurate firm creases and critical.

Paper Airplane Template

  • Orient the template so that arrow head is at the top of the page. Then flip the paper over so that none of the folded lines are showing or become invisible.
  • Fold the top left corner down toward you until the fold line becomes visible. Create long doted lines and repeat with the top right corner.
  • Fold the left side cover over again and create long folded line two.
  • Repeat with the right side
Paper Airplane Template
Paper Airplane Template

Free Printable Paper Airplane PDF


Beginner planes:

Beginner planes are simple designs that almost anyone can build. The most common paper airplane, as the easiest to make, is the Arrow.

The Dart is also a common paper airplane as it is very similar to the Arrow. The Glider is also common and glides very well with it is large wing area.

The Delta Fighter looks more like a real fighter plane because it is designed with a pilot’s cockpit.

Intermediate planes:

Intermediate planes are for those looking for a challenge and to make a more precise airplane. The Canard can float long and straight and get its name from the small wings located at the front of the plane called “canards”. The Bullet flies fast and far, but is not very stable in its flight.

It has a thin design with compact folds, which need very accurate and firm creases to help the plane fly well. The Raptor is a glider that, when launched straight up in the air, will glide down in slow, big circles.

Free Printable Paper Airplane PDF
Free Printable Paper Airplane PDF

3D Paper Airplane Format DOCS

Advanced planes:

Advanced paper airplanes are for the more competitive type. They come in all different shapes and are better fliers that the simple designs.

The Interceptor includes a central vertical stabilizer and fuselage that produces straight and long flights. The Bulldog is named for its compact nose which keeps the centre of gravity forward in flight, making the plane stable.

From the top, the Trap Glider has the shape of a trapezoid. It is a stable flier with its weight forward and large wings.

3D Paper Airplane Format DOCS
3D Paper Airplane Format DOCS

Unusual planes:

Unusual designs exist in many forms of paper airplanes. No matter how you fold airplane, if it flies, you will have fun.

The Triplet gets its name from the Blue Angel air shows. It looks like 3 planes joined together in flight.The ALCM flies like a missile and can be launched by hand or using a straw.





already done Free Best 3D Paper Airplane Template PDF Download

A paper plane is made up of paper by doing folding’s we can make it as a toy’s, that paper toys forms a shape according to folding’s like aeroplane, boat, baskets, bowls and many shapes of paper toys we can make. Which Paper Airplane Template flies though flying is not stable we can enjoy it.

Generally, children enjoy making paper airplanes and playing with it. Actually, in every one childhood gone through making and playing of aeroplanes.

Our world is developing day by day, In these modern days many automatic toys, remote toys and plastic toys are there. Although these modern toys existing  children still likes these types only.

Paper Airplane Template

Table of Contents

How to make a paper airplane?

Paper airplanes are not stable in flying but we can make it by our own, we can make easily by following process:

  • Take a full sheet of white or colour paper and fold it into halves. Press the folding’s for three to four times.
  • Remove that folding and make triangle-oriented shape at one side and leave other side. Make sure that folding’s should be correctly with out any up’s and down’s.
  • Remove that orient shape and reverse that paper do same to other side, press it constantly for 4-5 times.
  • Again remove that folding’s paper keeping straight without any folding’s, you will get a mark of folding’s by intersecting each other.
  • Do folding’s on both sides left and right as triangle-oriented shape of paper where in two lengths should be equal.

Paper Airplane Template



  • Fold left side once again as it becomes sharp edge triangle shape.
  • Do the same thing on the right side also, make sure that two should have equal lengths with equal sides and two should concurrent at one point towards each other.
  • After making this at down side you have some place do folding that part so that we will get upside triangle shape and down side it is a type of rectangle.
  • Fold the left side triangle into other small triangle with sharp edge, do the same to right side also.
  • In the down side remove rectangle folding make triangle in down side also the sharp edge should be edge side of paper.
  • Do the same as right side, you should do two triangle they should not concurrent at one point you should fold triangle’s two different sides because two different edges.
  • We will get tail part of airplane, now our airplane is ready to fly and play.

It is very easy process we can make Paper Airplane Template attractive by drawing any designs or colouring it.


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