Best 3+ Playing Card Template Format PDF

Playing card Template means one of any pack of 52 cards used in playing various games of chance and skill. In the set of 52 cards are divided into four suits they are diamonds, hearts, spades, and clubs.

Hearts and diamonds are in red colour, spades and club are in black colour, each suit contain 16 cards, each suit include an ace, a king, a queen and jack.

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Playing card Template

We can play many types of games by using playing cards. Solitaire, crazy eights, spades, hearts, bridge, casino, cheats/BS/doubt it, cribbage, gin rummy, go fish, king, Mao, napoleon, euchre etc. are some of the deck cards games.

Solitaire game is played by using playing cards. This game can be played in online and offline in both ways.


This game is played with two or more than two members, firstly each hand gets five or seven cards. This game category of shutting with the objective of first player to get all the red cards try to match the rank or suit of top card of the suit or falling down quickly. If they don’t have suitable card’s they must take from stock of deck cards which we kept on table.

Playing card Template
Playing card Template

Free Editable Playing card Free

Make the game crazy jacks by making jacks or any card wild.


This is American game, started at time of world war two by the American soldiers. In order to play spade professionally you want to learn to defeat your partner each player in team with 13 cards in hand in- case of 4 players in a team must commit to learn certain number of tricks. The cards must place in the order A, K, Q, J, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. You must do 4 sets of suits the spade suit is always top. If you reach 500 points then you just won spades.

PRESIDENT (aka scum, asshole):

President is one of the Japanese games, this game is known by many different names. But under any instance’s the object to get revolve your cards before the players by adding same number of matching cards of higher value on top of the card played by dealer at the start of the round. So, let’s say the dealer plays two 4’s and you want to play two 5’s or higher than that if you played your assigned to the title president. You could become vice-president, queen and soldiers.

Free Editable Playing card Free
Free Editable Playing card Free

Printable Playing card Format Excel


It has been described one of the most complex card in existence originating in 18th century under a Russian name bridge, one of the most popular partner ship card games divided into two teams of two players four steps of playing this game is dealing the hands, action and betting playing the cards and scoring the out come which does the variations including rubber bridge and duplicate bridge the most common one play today is known as contract bridge.

Printable Playing card Format Excel
Printable Playing card Format Excel

Playing Cards Templates Printable


A trick tracking game like spade and bridge another game that goes by reality of label. Black lady, the dark and slippery the cads are arranged accordingly the main objective of this game is not to get certain cards with the winner is announced who has massive amount of cards with same colour.


Blank Playing card templates
Playing card Images Printable

These templates are designed for the people who love to play cards. The images are in HD quality. You can make changes in these templates by adding colors and different patterns in it. we have provided the best Blank Templates in the article. You will find other templates too in this post soon. This post will be updated soon with latest designs. Till then stay with us and visit this site again. Also do not forget to leave your message or suggestion in the comment box below.