Best 3+ Printable Blank Map of Africa Free

Printable Blank map of Africa is available here for free. Students learning about Africa in Schools can use this map for their studies. The image quality is good in comparison of other sites. We always provide accurate maps for countries. This time we are sharing map of Africa. This is a big continent with 52 countries and learning the geography of these countries is not an easy task.

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Printable Blank Map of Africa

Africa is considered as world’s second largest continent. It covers 6% of earth’s total surface area and has biggest cities like Johannesburg, Cairo, Kenya, Nigeria and others. Algeria is known as the one of the largest country of Africa. There are many interesting facts related to this continent. The more you study more you will know about this continent. School teachers usually give educational projects on the topics of continents and countries. If you have got such assignment on Africa then our maps will help you out in this. Other than this, you can use it in homework assignment and other school activities.

Printable Blank Map of Africa
Printable Blank Map of Africa

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Blank Africa Map PDF

We are providing two types of blank maps- map of continent with countries and map of continent without countries. You can save these two maps in your device or can print it. In many areas, Map of Africa is difficult to found. But why you need to buy this map when you can print it at your home for free.  Have a look at these maps and get the map of your choice.

Blank Africa Map PDF
Blank Africa Map PDF



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Blank map of Africa (with countries)

This map is used in schools from preschool to 10th grade students. Countries distinguished with the help of lines.

Blank Map of Africa (without Countries)

This map doesn’t contain any line that distinguishes any country. Only the border line of the continent given. It can be given to preschool students to fill color in it or can used by students making project on this continent.


Blank Map of African Countries

This map will be useful in school especially for first to fifth grade students. Teachers can give them various activities related to the maps. Students must know about filling and using the map in a right manner. These activities will help them in learning these skills.

Blank Map of African Countries
Blank Map of African Countries



  • First Grade: Create an Africa Map puzzle by Printing and cutting the map of Africa along the borders of countries. Ask the kids to piece it back together.
  • Second Grade: Teach the students about filling blank maps without country. Also tell them about plotting Nile River.
  • Third Grade: Give a homework assignment, tell the kids to label each country, and draw important geography.
  • Fourth Grade: Teaching the kids about this modern world issues taking place in Africa. Have them find label countries that appear regularly in the news.
  • Fifth Grade: Print a larger version of the map onto several sheets of paper. Use a stencil to draw Africa on a poster board for a social studies project.

In this way, you can teach your students about Africa and its geography using maps. Our collection consists of maps in PDF format that are compatible with Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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