Free Printable Protractors

Best 3+ Printable Protractor PDF Images

Here are some of the printable protractor that you can save, print and use for measuring angles. These are accurate and can be printed on paper. Most of the people thought that the values and measuring scale on the printable protectors are not accurate. But this is not true as we have a number of measuring scales that are authentic and you can rely on them. Actually, some people do a mistake while printing that they forget to change the setting of printing the paper. You need to print the image in actual size. If you have default settings of size changing then you should immediately move it to manual.

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Printable Protractor

A protractor is angles measuring instrument used by mathematicians. Students use this instrument in school for various assignments. It is available in market in various materials but most of the student lost their protector within a month. This is a small instrument made of glass or plastic. It easily get break when fall on ground or with burden. You may face difficulty in reading the measurement due to crack on it. At that moment, you will surely think about visiting the near store to get a new one. But it will be time consuming process. We understand the value of time and so we are providing you printable protractor that you use for making assignments and measuring angles.

Printable Protractor
Printable Protractor


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Printable 360 Degree Protractor

As I told earlier, protractor is used to measure the angles. There are different kind of protractors that can are available for getting values in degrees, radians and decimals. You have to follow some steps to calculate the value of angle.

Printable 360 Degree Protractor
Printable 360 Degree Protractor



Drawing angles

You can draw the angles on paper using this protractor. For example, if you want to make the angles 30 degree and 75 degree then –

  • Take a conventional protector
  • Mark a point on sheet of paper where you want to draw the angle
  • Draw a horizontal line of 1” from that particular point
  • Place the protractor with its center on the point ( Try to place it in way that the point fits in the target mark on protractor)
  • Now mark the angle 30 degree on paper by placing a dot
  • Remove the protractor and draw a line between both the points.

In this way you can draw the angles with the help of protractor.


Free Printable Protractors

Determining the angle

You can determine the angle with the help of protector in the easiest possible way. If you want to check the accuracy of this printed protractor then you can do it with this method.

  • Place the protractor with centre on joining of lines.
  • Determine the point where the line is meeting
  • That point or angle is actual angle.
Free Printable Protractors
Free Printable Protractors


You can determine the angles in triangles by using this protractor. If you want to get values in decimals and fractions then you can use-

  1. Decimal spread protractor- This protractor is used to measure quadric and rational trigonometry concepts.
  2. Fractional spread protractor- This is used to measure the spread but used very less in comparison with Decimal spread protractor.

You are advised to print this protractor on transparent film for better results.

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How to measure an angle with a protractor:

Measuring the angle with the help of protractor is easy as you just need to follow the given steps:

  • Place protractor with midpoint on the VERTEX of the angle.
  • Line up angle side with the zero line of the protractor
  • Read the degrees where the side crosses the number scale.

Make sure that you are reading from right set of numbers. The protractor consists of two sets of numbers which goes from 0 to 180 and the other from 190 to 0. It depends on you how you place the protractor. Place it on one side of angle lines with one of zeros.

Printable protractor Images
Printable protractor Images


Protractor images Free Download
Protractor images Free


How to create the Protractor at home?

Protractors are easily available in the market but if you do n want to buy these small tools then you should create your own protractor. I know everyone do not know how to create these protractor. Here I am sharing step by step guide for creating the protractor at home.

Select the right quality paper- It is recommended to use the transparent paper for you. The paper must be of good quality. But make sure that your printer accepts the transparent paper and read out the guidelines written on the printer.

Get the image of protractor: Protractor images are must as you will need to print them on paper. The picture of the protractor must be in HD. The small damage to the image will give you bad results after printing. Also, make sure that the images are in high resolution. If you want to determine clarity of the image then check the graphic file size.

Print the protractor: the protractor image must be printed on the paper. Make sure that you are printing the image with original size. If you select the fit to page option at the time of printing then it may affect the results.

Cut the protractor: Once you have successfully printed the protractor, cut the protractor image very carefully.

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The protractor is an important tool for the students, if you are studying in school or colleges then you know about it. The geometry is incomplete without measuring angles. So if you are interested in using these protractors then start creating it at your place. It is easy to make the protractors. You can use the images shared and PDF files shared in this article. WE are recommending you to create the protractor at your home. It is obvious that the protractors are easy to lost and damage. So purchasing it again and gain is not a good idea. So here we have provided the images which you can save and print on the respective paper.

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