Printable Z-Table Statics

Best 3+ Printable z-Table Statics PDF

Get printable z-table or standard normal z-table for free from this post. It is difficult to find z-table on internet with fine quality image but we are offering it in PDF format. The size of the file is small so that it can be save with less data and space usage. So you do not need to think about the storage space in your device and will get the Printable z-Table Statics in few seconds. This standard normal model is used in various ways. The most important use of this model is testing difference between two means, proportions and hypothesis testing. The z-table helps in finding the percentage of area under the curve at any point. We know that 1 to 100 % area is covered under the normal distribution curve.


Printable z-Table Statics

We are familiar with the fact that every data has its different values. For example if we talk about the height of a human then it can range from eighteen inch to eight feet. Also the weight ranges from 1 pound to 500 pounds and more depending on the person. When we analyze data, we face many difficulties in dealing with ranges of data. So we standardize the normal curve with mean of 0 and standard deviation of 1. After standardizing the curve we can use Z table to find the percentages under the curve. This is the use of Z-table that is itself a definition.

Printable Z-Table Statics
Printable Z-Table Statics



Standard Normal Z-Table

We always use the two z-tables to make it easier to calculate the values we are finding. This concept is adopted because sometime we need to calculate the area between mean and some positive value but other time we want to get the area of left tail. In both the cases we will use different z-table. These Z-table are Right Z table and Left Z-table.

Standard Normal Z Table
Standard Normal Z Table


  • Right Z-table

This Z-table shows the area of right hand side of curve. You can use these values to find the area between mean and any positive value.

  • Left Z-table

This Z-table shows the area to the left hand side of curve or you can say the area of a left hand tail.


How to Read Z-Table?

While solving the statistics problems, you must know about steps to finding the probabilities for z.  Z-table plays a vital role in this procedure. For using the Z-table to determine probabilities for a statistical sample with a standard normal distribution (Z), you must do the following:


Printable Z-Table Statistics PDF


  • Go to the row that represents the ones digit or the first digit after the decimal point that is the tenths digit of your z-value.
  • Go to the column that represents the second digit after the decimal point that is the hundredths digit of your z-value.
Z Table Statistics PDF
Z Table Statistics PDF
  • Intersect the row and column from the above steps. The result of this intersection will represents p(Z < z), the probability that the random variable Z is less than the value z and we have the percentage of z-values that are very less than the given z value

Print this useful Z-table from this post and leave your message (if any) in comment section.

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