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A business or project usually has potential and other risks which could affect the success. It means Risk analysis is the most popular procedure for Project, business or activities. The process involves a number of steps for systematic assessment of the risks. You can use the Risk Analysis template if you do not know how to create these templates. In this article, you will get the details of Risk analysis and its templates.

The potential risks considered in the process are then prioritized according to the probability of them happening. Also, you will require thinking about the outcomes of these risks. Moreover, a risk analysis can be termed as risk mapping and risk assessment.

Risk Analysis template

You can create this template that’s quantitative or qualitative. For qualitative analysis, the goal is identifying risks which are looking more dangerous at present. On the other hand, Quantitative analysis involves the explicit values. These values are then assigned to the probability of the risk happening. We often measure the impact of risk based on financial terms. Analyzing the risk helps in establishing the vulnerabilities, hazards and potential threats.

Risk Analysis template
Risk Analysis template


Business Risk Analysis template Excel

Things to include in your risk analysis template

Risk analysis template is a necessary item for risk management. It indentifies potential risks. Also, it will show the impact of risk on your business and project. Creating a risk management template is not a difficult thing to do. But if you want to create an effective template then you must include various items in it.

You can make qualitative or quantitative analysis template. If you want already build templates then we have a collection of different risk analysis template. You can modify these templates and use it to suit your needs. Here are some of the important factors which must be listed in the template.

Business Risk Analysis template Excel
Business Risk Analysis template Excel


Risk Analysis Example PDF

Project management

If you don’t manage then the project will not push forward and it will be difficult to finish it. That is why you will require looking for potential risks when you want a professional project management. It includes:

  • Several projects occurring at same time
  • Unrealistic control or planning
  • Inability to handle changes in the project’s design
  • Not enough participants are involved in your project
  • Too many participants handling the project
  • Poor organization of the project
  • Conflicts in priority

The above examples show the common risks you may encounter in project or business management. If you have some other factors in mind, then you can include them too.

If you create the list of all the risks, you can fix them according to priority. Make use of color coordination or numeric values to show the impacts of risks.

Risk Analysis Example PDF
Risk Analysis Example PDF


Risk Analysis template Free

External factors

External factors are not easy to influence by anything. These factors can only be controlled by project management. But the risks from the external factors may have an impact on the project.

Hence it is necessary to check these factors and make them part of the priority. External factors are divided into two categories- Predictable and Unpredictable.


These external factors are those which are easy to assess through research and information. At the time of listing these factors, make sure to get all the details. Also, record the possibility of impact for each risk.

Here are the examples of risks from predictable external factors:

  • Environmental changes
  • Inflation
  • Social changes
  • Tax increases
  • Technological changes

Apart from these factors, unpredictable external factors are also present. These are the ones occur with no warning. But you will need to consider them while reading the risk management template. Some of the risks from unpredictable factors are:

  • Natural disasters
  • Sabotage
  • Side effects
  • Legal and technological factors
Risk Analysis template Free
Risk Analysis template Free


Risk Analysis template Word

Legal Risks

These risks are quite complicated. Hence, you will need to think about these risks very well. Plan the changes in the probabilities of risks, and their impact on your project. Legal risk factors are given below:

  • Bills and legislation
  • Breach of contracts
  • Issues in the workplace
  • Labor disputes
  • Trademark and license violations

Technological Risks

When there is a change in production, technological risks occur for sure. Also, it happens when there is a change in technology. When you list these risks, make sure to categorize them properly. Indentify these risks and then record impact as well as probability on your project. There is no such time frame which is set for creating the risk assessment because the risks may vary from one project to another.

All you need is to indentify risks, understand them very well and come up with the methods to handle them. It will decrease the chances of project cancellation or delay.

If your project is small then you must perform qualitative analysis while for bigger projects you must go with quantitative analysis.

Risk Analysis template Word
Risk Analysis template Word


Who should complete a risk assessment?

This technique is simple and versatile, so developing a risk management plan is useful for:

  • All industries
  • The All levels of an organization
  • All departments
  • Existing or new businesses
  • Projects
  • Business processes

Using Risk Analysis Template

You can use this risk analysis template in following ways:

  • As part of regular organizational reviews
  • To proactively assess changing business conditions
  • For exploring new initiatives
  • To focus and redirect efforts and resources
  • As part of crisis , emergency and business continuity planning
  • As a broad environmental scan for initial planning


WE have provided the best and essential information in this article. If you want to download or print the Risk analysis template then do it now. These templates are free of cost. Also, if you observe any factors left in this article then share it with us.