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Salesforce Has created the best Email templates for sales purposes. You can use these templates and create the email and send it according to your need. These Salesforce Email template are accurate and we are providing the best email template for you. The salesforce usually share the video to make it easy for you to understand using the template. Here we are sharing templates as well as methods to use these templates. If you want to create the sales email then you must use professional templates so that you will able to create an impact on the clients. There are many common queries related to sales and if you do not provide the response to these queries then there are chances that you may lose your client. If you want to be a good responder then use the templates for the purpose.


Salesforce Email template

These templates are suitable for Gmail and Outlook. You can easily create and send the email to your clients without wasting much time on writing their names and content.

Create Salesforce Email Templates

Creating salesforce email is the simple and easiest way. You can do that without any technician’s help. I know that many new marketers face challenges in using the new tools. But salesforce templates are easy to learn. You must do one of the following:

Salesforce Email template
Salesforce Email template


Salesforce Lightening Email template

If you are having the permission to edit public templates then Click on Setup>in quick find box Enter Email templates> Select classic Email templates.

If you do not have permission to edit public templates then- head to personal settings> In Quick find box enter templates> select my templates or Email templates.

  • Click New Template.
  • Select the Text template type, and then click next.
  • Choose a folder in which you want to store the template.
  • select the “Available For Use” checkbox, To make the template available for use
  • Enter a name in “Email Template Name” section.
  • Change the Template Unique Name if you want to do.
  • If necessary, select a different character set from the Encoding dropdown list.
  • Enter a Description for template. Both template the description and name are for your internal use only.
  • Enter a Subject for the message.
  • Enter the text of the message.
  • If needed, enter merge fields in template text body and subject. When you send an email, these fields will be replaced with information available in your records.
  • Click Save.
  • Add Attachments to Templates.
Salesforce Lightening Email template
Salesforce Lightening Email template


Salesforce Email template Insert Image

How to add an attachment to a template?

Adding the attachment to the template is easy. But first of all you must open the template. Follow the steps as you have followed in creating the template. If you have access to edit public templates then select email templates otherwise go to my email template.

  • Select a template.
  • Click Attach File from the detail page of email template.
  • Choose a folder from the list and select the document name, or you can search for a document by clicking on the option Search in Documents and enter the file name.
  • Then click on My Computer to attach a file from your computer.
Salesforce Email template Insert Image
Salesforce Email template Insert Image

Tips on how to create Salesforce Email Templates:

For creating Salesforce Email Template, you do not need to be the admin of your corporate Salesforce account. Setup your own text based templates and save your time daily. The setting up of templates in personal folder of your CRM for responding questions you receive will be beneficial.

Use Merge functionality to personalize email content automatically at the time of setting up email template. Automatically pull in fields from any standard or custom salesforce object like Account name or First name to fasten the process with each response.

Salesforce Email template Date Format
Salesforce Email template Date Format


Salesforce email template is designed perfectly for the people who want to send and create emails faster than other services. It is best tool for the people like marketers, developers, entrepreneurs and more. These salesforce Email Template will give you bets example and tips on creating the Email using salesforce. If you want to use more templates then look at the website, we have latest and designer templates for various purposes.  I am ending this article here. Thanks for reading this post