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A corporation may be divided into several shares, these are known as ‘stocks’. Stocks also refer to the ownership certificate while ‘shares’ may refer to the stock certificate. A Stock Certificate Template is a legal certificate that certifies the ownership of particular stocks or shares. The person owning the stocks or shares have possess a stock certificate as a proof of the transaction or purchase. Stock certificates can be paper stock certificate or an online one, anything that suits the corporation and the owner’s preference. It is also known as share certificate, certificate of acquisition, physical certificate and so on. The stock certificate can be a form of evidence to state the transfer of a stock or share from a previous stakeholder to the current stockholder.


Stock Certificate Template

The certificate of stock template is an easy method to construct an effective stock certificate without major hiccups. When a new corporation is formed a certain amount of shares or stocks are authorized and issued to the shareholders and stakeholders to fund the corporation. The transaction can be made legit using transaction bills, receipts or by issuing a physical certificate of stock. A variety of different models of stock certificates can be made according to preference say cheap to highly expensive. But there are several common items present in the stock certificates irrespective of the variations. These common essentials include large variety.

Stock Certificate Template
Stock Certificate Template

Blank Stock Certificate Format Download

Corporation Name – The name of the corporation that issued the certificate and to which the stocks are a part of.

Incorporation state – State of incorporation denotes the state in which the entity or corporation is registered. The corporation can be registered where it does its business or in a different state. The corporations are further classified by IRS into different types.

Incorporation date – The date of incorporation is also essential and should also be included.

Number of shares – The number of the issued shares or stocks should be mandatory included for clarification.

Share class – The class of the issued shared should be detailed. Class of shares can be of different types. Mainly depending on the class of the issued shares or stocks the voting rights also differ. This is done to make takeovers difficult and for the major owners to retain control. Common classes of shares are class A and class B, but there can be more types depending on the corporation.

Blank Stock Certificate Template Download 
Blank Stock Certificate Template Download

Corporate Stock Certificate Example word

Name – The name of the stakeholder should be present. Full legal names are to be mandatorily used to avoid any later complications.

Certificate number – The registered number of the certificate issued should also be present for legal reference.

Sale bill – For stocks in transfer usually a bill of sale is also attached.

Date certificate – A date certificate issued is also attached as a proof.

Signatures – Authorized signatures of officials issuing the certificates and other significant people like the new stockholder should be included.

Corporate Stock Certificate Template word
Corporate Stock Certificate Template word



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Seal – The corporate seal is also present in the certificate to authenticate the certificate as legal and valid.

Usually the secretary of the corporation keeps a record of all the stocks and shares issued. By possessing the certificate of stock a stockholder can be invited to stockholder meetings, receive the annual report of the corporation and can even declare dividends.