Free 4×6 Postcard Template Design Photoshop

4x6 Postcard Template

Postcard is one of the most popular way of sending messages to your dear ones., These are purposely used for giving information regarding business meeting, job interview or the offers o various products. These postcards were used earlier at large scale but the technology has modified the medium of sharing messages. Now few people or companies are using the postcard. IN this article, we are going to discuss about the 4×6 postcard template. You will get the accurate dimension of these postcards. People use this size of postcard to send messages for personal purpose. If you want to share these postcard templates with others then do that instantly.


Free 4×6 Postcard Template

What is Postcard Template ?

The Postcard is a best companion of the travelers. Many travelers carry postcard with them and share the trip experiences with their dear ones. The postcard templates helps them to write their thought perfectly even when they forget to take the postcard with them. You can also create your own postcard and paste the image of your trip on it. The Postcard designs can be customized deepening on your need. The back end will blank while the fronted will be used for the address, name and other details of the receiver. The postcard templates are also used for other purposes. People design photo frame or other artistry with these postcards.

4x6 Postcard Template
4×6 Postcard Template

4×6 Postcard Template Photoshop

Different Postcard Template Format

WE are fond of wonderful designs and patterns. The postcard available at our site is easy to use. You just need to have a printer and internet connection and sheet for printing the template. Download the image or the file form this article. Then make changes in the postcard if your find it necessary. Then print the postcard using a printer. Also, if you want to show your creativity and want to share the postcard with the message written on it then you can do that. Just share the postcard with your written message on it. WE have shared the best quality images and files with you. These templates are free of cost. So download as many as you want. These templates are available in blank and other formats.

4x6 Postcard Template Photoshop
4×6 Postcard Template Photoshop


4×6 Postcard design

Need Postcard Template

Writing a postcard is easy as you just need to write your feelings in limited words. Also, the name and address of the person must be written on it. The address of receiver and addressee must be mentioned. Do not forget to paste the stamp on Postcard. You will get stamp from the post office of the location where you are currently present. If you are in abroad then you can get that online. Sending the post card is also simple. You just need to drop it into the nearest post box. The template of this postcard is superb and you will surely love to write your message on it.

4x6 Postcard design
4×6 Postcard design


4×6 Postcard Template PDF

Postcard Template

Send these postcards to your relatives, friends, colleagues or anyone you want. The technology has reduced the use of postcard in the world. But this beautiful service comes with many memories. You can send messages on social media apps but collecting the postcards from your dear one sis best feeling ever.

4x6 Postcard Template Free
4×6 Postcard Template Free
4x6 Postcard Template PDF
4×6 Postcard Template PDF



Postcard is used widely at the time of events such as New Year and Christmas for sending messages to each other.  The postcards are still very popular in many countries. IF you want to create your own postcard with the accurate margins then using the 4×6 Postcard Template is good for you. Download the templates available in this post. You will get the perfect result. Do not make changes in the margins as the lines are created based on the standard size of the postcard. If you want to make your dear ones happy then it is better to create your own postcard with different designs. Use images to make it look more attractive.