Best 5+ Chore list template Word Printable

Free Printable Chore list template

A chore is a routine task that is mainly based on household works. These are the tasks that are considered necessary and essential to do so. People usually make chore lists to make out a smooth and well-planned step by step task completion procedure. A chore list template or chore chart is something used to organize the work of the house.

How to make a chore list

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You can add step by step daily routine based household works in the list


Chore list template
Chore list template


Weekly Chore list template

  1. Dusting the room
  2. Cleaning of bathroom
  3. Setting bed for sleep
  4. Sweeping and mining the room
  5. Tidying bed sheets or bedrooms whole
  6. Vacuuming the room
  7. Washing or cleaning the dishes
  8. Laundry work and press

Planning the chore chart

  1. Create a list of all the chores
  2. Choose the schedule which is best for your daily life
  3. Divide the work on everyone in the house
  4. Gather all the material for making the chore chart which will make it easier for you to follow the step by step worklist
Weekly Chore list template
Weekly Chore list template


Free Printable Chore list template

Making the chore chart template

  1. Prepare all the supplies needed for making the chore chart like a dry erase board and pens markers etc
  2. Create a calendar-like table, which consists of columns and rows, and fill them with a simple tick or cross on a daily basis. If the desired work is done, mark it tick or done and Crossmark those who have missed
  3. Add 8-day columns in which the first column counts for all the tasks, and the rest of the columns are weekly days such as Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, respectively.
  4. List the responsibilities to follow and start working on it daily and mark the column every day according to work done
Free Printable Chore list template
Free Printable Chore list template


Chore list for Kids

  1. Add some offers like chore incentives or rewards which will make workers more joyful about their work
  2. Use different markers or colors for multiple people as well as for tick or cross-state
  3. Then separate the chore list for the ones who are doing good with the chore list and the ones who are not going with the chore list so often.
  4. Make daily, and weekly charts of these chore list with names of individuals
Chore list for Kids
Chore list for Kids


Chore list template Word

How do we ensure that work has been done

  1. Help with the others who are doing a task
  2. Offer help and also rewards for full output on the job been taken out
  3. Make awarding point list for every person on the list according to completion of chore list tasks
  4. Creating cards of chore reminding list
Chore list template Word
Chore list template Word

How is this chore list template helping people

It helps the people who have the habit of forgetting work to do or some jobs which must have been done on time, but they fail to complete on time. This list reminds a person what he has to do according to his life setup daily routine check. The better and more set of tasks on the record, the more punctual a person will become in his life. Chore list is not meant only for home use, and it can also be made for office tasks or other places such as in an organization or company. A chore list needs to follow a complete step by a step task list, which is possible and not imaginary ones.


These chore list template can be made to assign tasks to teenagers. Teens are more capable of doing chore than adults, but they need guidance on how to do these household chores.