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Cube Template Editable

Introduction to Cube Template

A cube template is a geometric shape that has three dimensions. It is a method that tells us how to make a cube from pages and then use them for various purposes. We decorate things that we love with a cube and other such crafts. All edges of the cube have the same length. Here, later on, we will discuss How the cube made from a piece of paper? The following are the way to create a cube from a single piece of paper.

Types of cube template

There are many types of cube we have selected the best and explained below:

  1. Dice cube
  2. Vector cube
  3. Paper cube
  4. Rubik’s cube
Rubik's Cube Template Paper
Rubik’s Cube Template Paper


Cube Template

Dice cube

Dice cube is a template made with the numbers from the printable board games category. A dice cube has six phases, and four of them are adjacent to one aspect. Only three sides of a dice cube are visible at a time, and they are called as joints side. These corners can never be on the opposite side from each other.

Vector cube

A vector cube is a geometry or vector graphics of a seamless pattern, and these patterns made of brightly colored cubes with bright sides. There are hundreds of  Free vectors for wallpaper, background, posters and fabric prints and, also graphics for abstract art visuals that you can use for free of cost.

Cube Template
Cube Template


Printable Cube Template PDF

Paper cube:

A paper cube has six phases, 12 edges, and eight vertices. A paper cube makes a great place to store small items as well as it can be used as a small gift box. A paper cube can also be used as a game for kids.

Rubik’s cube

3D Rubik cube is a PowerPoint template which provides a professional presentation feature with different scenes, and to map business diagrams. The Rubik cube is a popular puzzle game used for business maps and charts. It provides six colored faces and a simple code series.

Printable Cube Template PDF
Printable Cube Template PDF


Cube Template Editable

How to make Cube

Following are the steps under below: you can follow these steps to make your self-made paper cube

  1. To Make a paper cube, all you need is a piece of paper.
  2. Fold a paper to make a square.
  3. Unfold the paper and then fold it on the other one.
  4. Now fold both sides of the paper in a mountain shape, also called mountain fold.
  5. Now fold the bottom corners to the upward direction from only one side.
  6. Fold the other two sides in such that the tip of the folded paper touches the center.
  7. Fold-down the two flaps at the top and open the two slots near the center of the paper.
  8. Now tuck these flaps into the slots.
  9. Repeat the fourth step on the other side of the paper, and you are done.
Cube Template Editable
Cube Template Editable


Uses of Template

These templates can be used as a 3D cube that will give you the thrill to assemble. There are also some kinda other uses explained below.

Below are uses of templates:

  • A template can be used for both entertainment and educational activities for all kinds of kids and peoples.
  • These templates can be used as gift boxes for tiny trinkets and candy. You can decorate them with stickers and ribbons.
3D Cube Template
3D Cube Template


  • It can also be used as containers for the goods.
  • It can also be used as decorative pieces such as paperweights filled pebbles and sand, handing dices. You can also make cubes out of clear translucent colored plastic sheets and fill these with glass beads.


The cube template is a three-dimension shape. That’s all about cube, if you guys still have any confusion regarding this you can ask your queries in the below comment box, we will try to get back to you ASAP.