Best 5+ Gingerbread House Template PDF

Gingerbread House Template Printable PDF

Gingerbread house template are designed for people who are on the verge of opening a bakery shop. Gingerbread templates are beneficial for delivering an idea for a perfect bakery shop. People love eating food, and there is no denial in the fact that sweet dishes are on the favorite of the majority of people. People love eating cakes and other sweet items for their desert, and a gingerbread temple provides all necessary information that is required for making delicious gingerbread house cakes. These templates appeal to customers in the bakery business, as well as can also be used for events and parties.

Types of Gingerbread House

There are several types of templates, and some of them are stated below:

Martha Stewart : This house template is designed to provide all details for baking gingerbread house cakes from gingerbread cookies. It also carries information regarding those cakes in the most suitable manner.

Church Pattern : This type of template has been designed for structuring them a perfect church shape. These delicious looking gingerbread templates ensure satisfaction to their customers. It contains details about the design and recipe of those cakes that makes them suitable for all sweet lovers.

Gingerbread House Pictures Ideas
Gingerbread House Pictures Ideas


Gingerbread House Template

Traditional Template:These gingerbread house are created by cooking experts, which makes them a suitable solution for deserts. It contains rich, creamy chocolate structure filled with almonds, and choco-chips makes them chocolaty. Additionally, dry fruits added to the center of the cake provides all required health benefits to deserts.

Premium Cross Stitch Pattern Template:This template, with its premium structure and sophisticated design,is appropriate for those who are classy in their style. The template contains a creamy brown texture, and attractive center set-up makes them best for a bakery business.

Gingerbread House Template
Gingerbread House Template


Gingerbread House Template Printable PDF

Simple Mansion Template: These types of templates can be used for designing a suitable bread house for the customers. It contains all the required details to such bakery items that make them useful in general use.

Basic  Template:The template has a more straightforward design and light chocolate texture. These creamy gingerbread house are the new entry in the bakery business. Created by expert chefs, these templates provide all the information needed for baking such designer bakery items.

Gingerbread House Template Printable PDF
Gingerbread House Template Printable PDF


Victorian Gingerbread House Template Free

How to Make a Gingerbread House

Making your gingerbread template is fun. You can make a simple yet attractive gingerbread template by following these steps:

  • Draw a square
  • Draw a triangle on top
  • Draw a rectangle nest to the square
  • Create two straight lines that connect the triangle to the rectangle
  • Draw a rectangle underneath
  • Draw some circles around the gingerbread house
  • Create curved lines inside the rings to form spirals
  • Draw horizontal and verticle lines through the roof
  • Create wavy lines on the roof and the sides of the house
  • Create small cylinders with rounded ends in the roof box
Victorian Gingerbread House Template Free
Victorian Gingerbread House Template Free

Simple Gingerbread House Template

  • Create a disc shape object with curved lines in the roof center
  • Create a rectangle underneath to begin the door
  • Create three rectangles around the door
  • Draw stripes through the three rectangles
  • Draw some dots on the door
  • Create two squares on the side of the house to begin the window
  • Draw plus signs in the windows
  • Creat wavy lines on the outside of the windows
  • Create gummy bears on the top of the house
  • Create curved lines under the door to begin the trail
  • Creat small circles on the trail
  • Create two candy canes outside the door
  • Erase extra lines
  • Color your gingerbread house
Simple Gingerbread House Template
Simple Gingerbread House Template


A gingerbread house template provides all the necessary information about a bakery item. It also attracts customers most suitably. These templates can also be used in many events and parties. These templates can be used for candy decoration and bakery items decoration.