How to fix Google calendar not syncing

How to fix Google calendar not synching

Google calendar not syncing is a common problem in android device. Most of the people are facing this problem in their device. If you are one of them then you are at right place. Get the important information related to these calendars here in this post. You can fix this issue easily by yourself. You do need to be an expert in resolving these issues. Take some simple steps listed in this post and follow them properly. IT will be an easy to do task for you. Have a look at some of the solutions for this problem which is necessary to know.

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How to fix Google calendar not syncing?

Google calendar is used by millions of people all around the world. It is very useful for scheduling the events and other tasks for the month or the week. Every person mark their important dates and tasks in their calendars. Google calendars are easy to use calendars within your device. It will remain in your device all the time. Also it will provide the details of holidays and other events which are fixed for the particular month. These events are listed by default. You can also add the events of your personal life. If the calendar is not synching and you are not able to see the holidays or the events on it then follow some simple steps. First of all you have to perform simple actions which are listed below. If they do not work for you then some more solutions are listed below:

How to fix Google calendar not synching
How to fix Google calendar not synching


  • Check the internet connection. IN most of the cases the unavailability of internet is the major problem. Check if you are having an internet connection and then try to synch. If you are having working connection and still not able to sync then try other solutions listed here.
  • Make sure you calendar application is up to date. If any update of this app is available on Play store then update it.
  • Check if your calendar is visible. If you are getting color around the edge of box then tap the box on the left of calendar’s name. Your calendar will be visible to you.

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Tips to solve Google calendars problems?

Check calendar is synced

  • Open the Google calendar app and click on the top left menu.
  • Tap on setting option visible on your device.
  • Click on the name of the calendar which is not visible to you.
  • If the sync is on then blue icon will be visible to you on top of the calendar. If it is not then turn it on from calendar settings. Wait for some time to compete the sync process.
Google calendar Synced
Google calendar Synced


Check your device’s storage

If there is no strange space in your device then the Google calendar will stop syncing so it is better to free up space before syncing the calendars. It can be done by uninstalling some application from device or the data.

This is all you can do to complete the sync procedure. If you are still getting the trouble in syncing then clear the app data. It can do in simple steps by visiting the application action ion your device settings. Click on app info and then calendar and clear data option on the storage section. This will save you from trouble. This is all about the Google calendar not syncing issue. You can visit other pages and solutions.