Pasco county school calendar

Pasco county school calendar

School calendar is an important document for the students and teachers. These sheets are filled with the mandatory information for school authority. Everyone related to the school know very well about the schedule and its importance. Every school in the Pasco County follows the school calendars which is schedule for them. If your child is enrolled in any of the school of this county then you must save this calendar now. This is not a single sheet of information but also the details for school staff. The holiday’s list, examination dates and admission dates are mentioned in it. Every parent wants to get the information about the admission dates. If you miss the dates then you will have to admit your child in other school. The rules in these schools are strictly followed. So you must grab the schedule for whole session. The Pasco county school calendar are given here.

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Pasco County Schools

The Pasco county is located in the US state of Florida. Pasco county schools is the school district which serves in the county. The schools run under the supervision of this school district. There are 84 schools in the pasco county schools including 49 Elementary schools, 14 high schools, 15 middle schools, 3 education centers, 6 charter schools, and 1 eschool. The school calendars for these schools remains same. These calendars consist of the holidays list. The schools follow these calendars and distribute them among the students and parents. Every school has the authority which develop the schools schedule. Some of the schools which come under this schools district authority is given below:

Elementry School

  • Anclote Elementary School
  • Bexley Elementary School
  • Calusa Elementary School
  • Centennial Elementary School
  • Chasco Elementary School
  • Deer Park Elementary School
  • Denham Oaks Elementary School
  • Double Branch Elementary School
  • Dr. Mary Giella Elementary School
  • Chester W. Taylor Elementary School
  • Connerton Elementary School
  • Cotee River Elementary School
  • Cypress Elementary School
  • Fox Hollow Elementary School
  • Gulf Highlands Elementary School
  • Gulf Trace Elementary School
  • Gulfside Elementary School
  • Hudson Elementary School
  • James M. Marlowe Elementary School
  • Lacoochee Elementary School
  • Lake Myrtle Elementary School
  • Longleaf Elementary School
  • Mittye P. Locke Elementary School
  • Moon Lake Elementary School

Middle School

  • Pasco Middle School
  • Paul R. Smith Middle School
  • Pine View Middle School
  • Raymond B. Stewart Middle School
  • River Ridge Middle School
  • Seven Springs Middle School
  • Thomas E. Weightman Middle School
  • Cypress Creek Middle/High School

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Calendars of pasco Schools

The school calendars are used as the source to convey the holidays and events details. The calendars are designed with all the accurate details. These are circulated among the schools so that they can follow them. The students must get the information regarding the important dates of the schools. It is necessary to have these details. Parents usually look for these calendars on internet so that they can get the details in advance. the calendars are developed before the starting of session. So it become easy for everyone who want to know the holidays and events information.The examination dates are also mentioned in it with the beginning and ending date of the session. You are recommended to use these kind of calendars so that you will remain up to date with all the information.

Pasco county school calendar

Every parent plans a trip or an outing with their child. This can be possible only if you have planned their study well. This is the best quality calendar images which are not available on any of the site. The calendar is also given on the official site. But it is not the JPG format images. So if you want to take the print of the calendar then you must save the image. IN this article, we have listed the correct calendars which are easy to print. The printed school calendar of the county is not available anywhere. You will have to get the calendar images. Then print the calendar with the help of printer. You can use any quality paper but in working condition. Almost all the schools in the world follow the govt. generated schedule for schools.

Pasco county school calendar
Pasco county school calendar

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Pasco county school calendar 2019-2020

The session 2019-2020 will start soon from August 12 and students will have their first day on this date. If you do not want to miss any important day of your child’s school then grab this calendar. The PDF format of single sheet calendar as well as month wise calendar are available. You can save these files by clicking in Get PDF button given under every calendar image. You are recommended to save the image directly from the article. For saving this calendar, Right click on the image and select save image as option. The session will end on May 2020.

Pasco County School Calendar 2019-2020
Pasco County School Calendar 2019-2020


Pasco School Calendar 2019-2020
Pasco School Calendar 2019-2020

2020-2021 Pasco School Calendar for Students and Teachers

The PDF and Word calendars of pasco county schools for the year 2020-2021 are given here. These calendars are shared for all the people living in pasco. The beginning date of the session for students and teachers is given here. You will also get the details of admission. Here are the accurate calendars shared with correct details.

Pasco County School calendar 2020-2021
Pasco County School calendar 2020-2021


Pasco county school calendar march 2020
Pasco county school calendar march 2020


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The school calendar is a suitable sheet of plan for parents. The main purpose of the calendars is to maintain the proper schedule for students and parents. This is the best quality images which are prepared by the education board. Pasco county school calendar Images are in proper quality in High definition. It is also available in colored and black design. Students and teachers can place it on their working desks. It will remind them of the upcoming holidays. The examination dates list will help you to prepare for the exams in advance. The calendars of other country schools are also given on this site. Check out other posts of the site for more updates and calendars.