Best 3+ Printable ruler inches and centimeters actual size

Printable Scale Ruler PDF

Get a Printable ruler inches and centimeters actual size. It is very difficult to find the ruler on internet with accuracy. But here we are sharing this ruler for you. We know rulers are used for various purposes. Whether you have to measure something for math problems or to draw any symmetrical shape on paper, ruler plays a vital role. So you must have this stationary item in your bag.

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Printable ruler inches and centimeters actual size

If you have ever lost or break your ruler then you are not alone, it happened with almost everyone. But if you are doing a mistake of purchasing this again and again then you must think about it. I had lost my ruler within one month of purchasing it and wasted money on buying the new one. Then after few days, my ruler was misplaced and my friend recommends me to print the ruler from internet. I searched and tested some rulers. And come up with only few genuine scales. This inspired me for writing this article and sharing these accurate rulers for you.

Printable Ruler Inches and Centimeters Actual Size
Printable Ruler Inches and Centimeters Actual Size

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Inches and Centimeters Ruler

Time has come to use that old printer and print your brand new ruler with centimeter and Inches scale. I know printers are used less in this era but you must utilize the power of your printer. Rulers and other stationary items are available on internet and you can save them followed by printing. However people often use online rulers for measurement but this is not a good choice. These are not accurate as the size of scale can increase or decrease depending on the resolution of screen. If you want an accurate and authentic ruler then you need to print it. But make sure that your printer settings are changed to print scale in actual size.

Inches and Centimeters Ruler
Inches and Centimeters Ruler


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Printable Scale Ruler PDF

Accuracy of these rulers is amazing, but will depend on your printing setup. Usually some printers have default settings of page setup. Like inkjet printer has a non measurable error vertically, but is too big by 0.2% horizontally).So it will turn out to be a good vertical ruler. But horizontal rules are not good as plastic rulers. And if your printer had problems like a slipping paper feed this might be larger errors. Note that card stock may feel differently than paper. Laser printing has fewer such issues. For a quick check, you can see if your vertical and horizontal rules match up. But if you want accuracy in your ruler then you should validate the printout against a high-quality ruler.

Printable Scale Ruler PDF
Printable Scale Ruler PDF


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Why you should know how to read a ruler?

Reading a ruler is an important not only for the school students but also for the daily life. People spend their time in doing various activities. Scale is necessary if you want to measure in inches and centimeters. If you want to cut the paper, cloth or other material with certain measurements then you need ruler for this task. But if you do not know how to read the ruler then it will be difficult for you to measure the things with correct scale. In this way, you may face many issues. There are many moments where this scale and your knowledge will be helpful. So it is important to learn reading the ruler.

Inches and centimeters ruler
Inches and centimeters ruler


How to read a ruler?

There are two types of rulers available for us. The one is centimeters and the other is inches. The ruler corresponding inches measurement is used in US and considered as main measuring system. While the centimeters or the part of metric system is used in the world for science and everyday life.

Ruler in inches PDF


A standard ruler is 30 cm/12 inches long. If you are using an inches ruler the is divided into the 12 equal parts. Each part consist of the 16 lines which are also parted equally. The space between the lines is 1/16 inch which is smallest measurable part. The inch is the smallest measurable unit marked with the longest line. The medium lines represent the 1/4 inch part of the measurement. The 1/2 inch is the smallest unit measured in the list. You can measure the ruler with the following units. when you read the ruler then Each line till 1 inch will represent

Ruler in inches

1/16 inch
2/16 (1/8) inch
3/16 inch
4/16 (1/4) inch
5/16 inch
6/16 (3/8) inch
7/16 inch
8/16 (1/2) inch
9/16 inch
10/16 (5/8) inch
11/16 inch
12/16 (3/4) inch
13/16 inch
14/16 (7/8) inch
15/16 inch

Reading ruler in centimeters

The ruler is also available in centimeters where the 30 equal parts are mention on the ruler. The 1 part or the 1 centimeter is equal to the 10 mm. You will find 10 lines on 1 cm measurement. Each line represent the 1 mm. The second highest measurement is 1/2 cm which is equal to 5 mm. The long line represent the 1 cm and the medium line represent the 1/2 cm.

1 mm (0.1 cm)
2 mm (0.2 cm)
3 mm (0.3 cm)
4 mm (0.4 cm)
5 mm (0.5 or 1/2 cm)
6 mm (0.6 cm)
7 mm (0.7 cm)
8 mm (0.8 cm)
9 mm (0.9 cm)
10 mm (1 cm)
Ruler is a useful tool so if you every want to measure any of the material length then you should know reading the ruler. The scale is used by school or college students. So here is the PDF files of the ruler you can save by clicking on the Get PDF button. Then print it on any paper using the high quality printer. The paper ruler is more suitable than purchasing the plastic or metal rulers from the market.

Rulers in inches and Centimeters
Rulers in inches and Centimeters



Rulers are available in both centimeters and inches. It all depends on you that which ruler you want to get saved. Printable ruler inches and centimeters actual size is available in PDF file and PNG image. You are recommended to print it on transparent sheet. Print as much rulers you want. However, there is no need to worry about money and your time will be saved. Most of the time you have to visit the nearest shop to get rules but now you can get in few minutes at your place without going anywhere.