US Passport Application Form Printable

How to Fill US Passport Application Form

A passport is a movement and recognizable proof record that is acknowledged by governments around the globe. You need a passport to enter and come back to the United States from most nations, and it merits getting, regardless of whether you don’t have any up and coming travel arranged. It’s normally better to get a passport through the U.S. government, and not a business passport application organization; regardless of whether you have to get a passport quick, they won’t accelerate the procedure anything else than you can. Grab and fill the US Passport Application Form.

What You Need to Apply for a Passport


  • Passport application forms
  • Verification of U.S. citizenship
  • Verification of your personality
  • Two current photos
  • Your government managed savings number


US Passport Application Form

Application form for the applicants in PDF format is given. You can save this form free from here. Now you do not need to search the official form here and there. It is best place to get the passport application form.

us passport application form
us passport application form



How You can get Passport?

Stage 1: The initial step expects you to save the pertinent U.S. government forms. You can snatch a passport application from any U.S. post office, or get the passport application forms on the web and print them out from home. On the off chance that printing, note this guidance from the administration: “The forms…must be imprinted in dark print on white paper. The paper must be 8 1/2 crawls by 11 inches, without any openings or holes, at any rate medium (20 lb.) weight, and with a matte surface. Warm paper, color sublimation paper, exceptional inkjet paper, and other gleaming papers are not worthy.”

Stage 2: Once you have the passport application form close by, begin by perusing the directions that are imprinted on the first and second page. Complete page 3 utilizing this information, and after that read page four for further subtleties on filling in the form.

Stage 3: Next, you have to accumulate confirmation of your American citizenship, as any of the accompanying, as per the U.S. Bureau of State.


US Passport Application Form

Ensured U.S. birth authentication issued by the city, region, or state (not a duplicate). Call the legislature of the state in which you were destined to get an official variant with a public accountant’s seal. Realize that the birth testament must rundown the full name(s) of your parent(s). In the event that you don’t have a birth testament, you can at present get a passport. Records of birth abroad in the event that you weren’t conceived in the United States.

US Passport Application Form Download
US Passport Application Form


Stage 4: Get two passport photographs taken to submit with your application. In your photographs, you should make a point to wear your ordinary, regular garments (no uniforms) and nothing on your head. In the event that you ordinarily wear glasses or different things that change your appearance, wear them. Look straight ahead and don’t grin. You can get your U.S. passport photographs taken at the mail station—they’ll know the drill and prerequisites. On the off chance that you get passport photographs taken somewhere else, read up first on passport photograph prerequisites to ensure they’ll qualify.


Stage 5: If you don’t have your Social Security number remembered, record it and add it to the materials you’ve amassed or carry your Social Security Card with you for the passport application.



US Passport Application Form Printable

Stage 6: Prepare to pay the application and execution charges; get those dollar sums online as they change occasionally. Starting at 2017, passport charges are $110 in addition to $35 for grown-ups (ages 16 and more established). For an additional $60 in addition to medium-term expenses, you can get a passport quick (more on surge time spans in Step 8). Check with the area where you’ll be applying to discover what installment strategies are acknowledged, and after that assemble the cash for installment.

US Passport Application Form Printable
US Passport Application Form Printable



Stage 7: Get a passport! Discover the passport office area closest you (it may very well be the mail station). Turn in your finished forms, passport photographs, and cash for the passport. Give your flight date to your next excursion and you would then be able to hope to get your U.S. passport in about fourteen days to two months. For an extra expense of $60 in addition to medium-term conveyance charges, you can surge a U.S. passport application, and you may even have the capacity to get a passport around the same time that you apply.


Stage 8: Check your application status. Starting about seven days after you present your application, you can check your application’s status online to see when your passport may arrive.


It is the only way to get the passport. But filling the US Passport Application Form is mandatory. So get the form now and fill it properly. If you already have passport then renew it by filling the renewal form. It is given in the other post.